SDC Verifier
Version 3.7.5

SoftwareWhat’s new in 3.7.5

  • Network Floating License - fixed number of users can connect to the license server simultaneously.
  • Usage of licenses can be checked in a web browser ( Name):

  • If a license is not available, license status with the list of connected computers is visible in the right bottom corner. It is possible to see when license becomes available and connect.

  • Fatigue according to F.E.M 1.001 standard;
  • Joint Check:
    • List of connections that do not match conditions are recommended to be checked manually;
    • Set load transfer and can length manually for connections that include can;
  • Memory Management is improved;
  • In Plate Buckling option Use Absolute Shear added (conservative approach);
  • Updated stress transformation for 4-nodes, not rectangular plates (Diagonal Bisector);

  • Update plotting function to support Femap 11.2;
  • Layout of Flow tables and plate buckling tables is updated to fit on page in report;
  • Unit system is removed form Buoyancy and Tank Load;

Fixed Bugs

  • Joint Check: Gap calculations, Connections and Can recognition;
  • Sending License request (added alternate method to send request);
  • Resolve Conflicts - Fem Loads and Constraints was added in the wrong plate (always in the end).
  • Sum of Forces tables was skipped in report;
  • Update sections in plate buckling tables when sections are removed;
  • Edit multiple plots in report wizard.

Other Versions