SDC Verifier
Version 3.8.5

SoftwareWhat’s new in 3.8.5

  • Nonlinear results location in Femap 11.2 was changed. Reading results function is updated to read nonlinear results from a new location.
  • Eurocode3 update: if stress history has only one Load Group - Utilization Factor is calculated, for few Load Groups fatigue damage is also calculated;
  • Predefined checks: static stress check, average stresses, plate principal stresses, solid principal stresses;

  • Job contain 2 selections: first - for analysis in Femap, second - read results in SDC Verifier;

  • Edit Multiple Load Sets/Load Groups - interface is improved, a possibility to paste names of loads;

  • Contour plots for beams;
  • Contour Output Vector plot - display contour plot for custom output vector;
  • Stop generation of table or plot immediately;
  • Copy checks between standards;

  • Update for Free Edge tool - recognize also coincident nodes, combine free edges in groups of elements;
  • Output Vector Selector in expand/extreme tables is updated - it is possible to store selections to library;

Fixed Bugs

  • Sorting feature in report for plots and tables: by Load, by Parameter, by Selection/Section;
  • Copy structure (all items) from one check to another in report;
  • A tool that resolves an issue with connection to Femap. (Tools - Register Femap in System);
    • Requested results in Job for Custom analysis was set to default after report generation;
    • Customer in properties was not saved to file;
    • Preview functions always showed elements with thickness;
    • Automatic plot after applying buoyancy and tank load is removed;
    • Using filter in selection list instead of one item two were selected;
    • Edit Fatigue Summation check when after calculation was not possible;
    • Open as template in embed mode use wrong model file;
    • Load Selector crashed if Job contains 0 loads;
    • Orientation of Mode Table is changed: in columns modes and in rows - loads;
    • Rename parameter in check converted dependent formulas into lower case;
    • Move parameters in check cause shift in report plots when saving project;
    • Standard table description was not saved.

Other Versions