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Comparison Standard

Comparison Standard allows to display results from different standards (e.g. calculate circular tubes according to API and rest shapes according to AISC)

To add the Comparison Standard execute Standards - Main - Other - Comparison Standard from the ribbon.

Comparison Standard | SDC Verifier

Define Title and Alias of the new standard.

Change Selection (by default it is all entities) using Selector Control to select entities that will be calculated.

Load Calculation Type can be calculated on All Loads or on Load Groups only. List of possible parameters for comparison depends on what option is selected.

Comparison parameters for the new standard are displayed in the list.

- edit selected parameter;

- remove selected parameters;

- add new comparison parameter:

Comparison Standard Add Parameter | SDC Verifier


Limits are used to highlight parameter if it exceeds the limit values;

Category - define how parameter will be represented in the table (Number Format) and what Legend Settings will be applied;

Calculation Type - min/max/absmax/average among the all Selected Parameters;

Select parameters from the necessary standard/check and press to include parameter to Selected Parameters.

Selected Parameters - list of parameters that will be included in comparison parameter;

- remove selected parameters from the list;