After the installation SDC Verifier is not licensed. The License Manager will appear automatically:

License Manager SDC Verifier

Note: The demo version with limitation to 2000 nodes models was removed in version 5.2. It is required to request a trial license in order to evaluate SDC Verifier.

SDC Verifier supports two license types:

  • TRIAL / SINGLE COMPUTER - works on a single computer;
  • FLOATING - a fixed number of users can connect to the license server simultaneously.

USB Dongle license is supported only for existing customers who had dongle license. From 2018 it is not possible to purchase the dongle license.

If you have the license file, select the license type option and browse the file. The license file will be checked immediately if it is valid.

Trial License

To get a Trial License run SDC Verifier, execute HelpLicense Manager from the Main Menu and press Request License.

Fill in contact information, date and press Send.

The license file will be checked immediately if it is valid.

SDC Verifier rial license obtained

In case if the license is not valid, the following messages will be displayed:

trial license not valid

Floating License

To setup a floating license in SDC Verifier is very easy. The floating license server is located in the Internet and it is not required to setup and configure any additional software on the company servers.

Install SDC Verifier and run it. Execute HelpLicense Manager from the Main Menu. Choose Floating License option, browse the license file (*.wlin) and press OK.

SDc Verifier Floating License request

If the license is accepted, the following message will appear:

Floating License message

In case if all available licenses are used, the server replies with:

Demo License message

Note: If in your company the software which limits access to internet resources is used, please, add an exception to the following resources: and