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ISO 19902 (2nd, 2020)

ISO 19902 (2nd, 2020) checks the structural strength and stability of tubular members.

This standard is applied to cylindrical members with Thickness ≥ 6mm, ratio D / t ≤ 0.2 * Young / Yield and Yield ≤ 800 MPa.

To add the standard execute Standards - Main - ISO - ISO 19902 (2nd, 2020) from the ribbon:

Press to Set Standard Custom Settings

Safety Factors are set to Standard default values. It is not necessary to change them.

According to the calculation procedure, Beam Length for Y and Z direction is required. Data from Beam Member Finder is used automatically. If beam members are not recognized press .

Standard uses material data (Yield/Tensile) in calculations. Wizard checks if the values are defined for all materials.

It is possible to use ISO 19902 (2nd, 2020) in combination with AISC 360-10 Members (14th, 2010) standard. Set option Use AISC 360-10 for non-tubular shapes checked to use the standard for non-tubular elements. Press to define settings.

Note: If the AISC 360-10 is included - 3 standards will be created:

To perform hydrostatic checks set option Include Hydrostatic to be checked and press Button_edit to define options:



If model minimum coordinate in the vertical direction is 0 then Still Water Level = Depth to the sea floor;

Instead of Wave Length, it is possible to define Wave Period and Wave Velocity:


Amount of stiffeners (stiffening rings) is used to calculate Lr (length of tubular):

Amount of stiffeners is defined as characteristic (for each beam member). By default amount of stiffeners equal to zero and torsional length recognized by Beam Member Finder is used for Lr:


Capped End Actions - define 1 for elements when capped end actions should be included in calculations.