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Advanced simulation and standard verification software that eliminates routine tasks and lets engineers do the creative work

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Implemented Standards

SDC Verifier comes with an ever-growing library of engineering standards for structural verification in various industries, providing a wide range of rules and regulations, safety codes that can be used right out of the box to check your structure.

SDC Verifier

Works Independently

SDC for Ansys

Seamless integration with Ansys Workbench

SDC for Femap

Direct connection with Femap

SDC for Simcenter 3D

Works simultaneously with Simcenter 3D

  • Parametric modelling
  • Powerful Simcenter NASTRAN solver
  • Ever-growing library of engineering standards
  • Easy application of complex loads
  • Time-saving analysis procedure
  • Advanced automatic reporting
  • Automatic recognition of structural items
  • Post-processing tools
  • Custom rules and checks
  • Load combinations according to rules
  • Open API
  • Structural design optimization
Design with SDC VErifier


Effortlessly craft your structural designs using our intuitive interface. Whether you’re starting from scratch or modifying an existing finite element model, SDC Verifier makes the process easy and efficient. Import drawings, CAD files, or existing FEA models with ease and precision. Achieve analysis-ready models swiftly by adjusting only the essential input parameters.

Download SDC Verifier for better FEA design


Utilize the Simcenter NASTRAN solver for accurate calculations and verification. Thoroughly evaluate the behavior of the structures, implement design loads and load combinations in accordance with numerous industry standards, codes, and regulations. SDC Verifier automatically identifies all structural elements, including connections, beams, plates, and welds, for further in-depth analysis, ensuring a comprehensive verification of your design.

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Calculate and Verify with SDC Verifier
Optimize with SDC Verifier


Enhance the effectiveness of your models with our automatic Optimization module. Refine your existing model components to achieve optimal results. Utilize the findings from code checks, considering parameters like cross-section, weld type, yield stress, and plate thickness, to make informed design decisions that lead to the best possible outcome.

Download SDC Verifier for automatic FEA optimization


Automate the process of preparing and presenting calculation results with our report generation features. SDC Verifier’s template-based reports enable model setup, comprehensive descriptions, and neatly presented analysis results in the form of structured plots and tables. Should any modifications be made to the analysis process, you can regenerate all results with a single click, saving you valuable time and ensuring consistency in your reporting.

Download SDC Verifier for FEA report generation

Automatic Reporting with SDC Verifier

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With over 25 years of experience in mechanical design verification, we specialize in serving industries such as heavy lifting, offshore, maritime, naval architecture, energy, and others. Our experienced engineering team has completed 250+ projects using the Finite Element Analysis method to assess strength, fatigue, plate buckling, joints and connections, all adhering to industry standards. Leveraging our own software, we ensure precision and efficiency.

Our expertise in FEM and deep industry knowledge enables us to deliver tailored solutions, helping clients achieve optimal designs, avoid structural problems, and meet certification requirements. We’re your partners in engineering excellence.

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