SDC Verifier is an engineering software to perform verification according to standards. A lot of routines is automated with help of recognition, post-processing tools, and report generator. The structures can be checked against fatigue, member checks, and plate buckling according to predefined standards: ANSI/AISC 360-10, API 2A RP, DIN 15018, Eurocode 3 Fatigue, Eurocode3 Member Checks, ISO 19902, Norsok N004, Plate Buckling ABS 2004, Plate Buckling ABS 2014, Plate Buckling DNV RP-C201 2010, Plate Buckling DNV CN30/1995 and Custom Standard.


With 20+ years of experience, we offer comprehensive engineering consulting services in different industries. We calculate models using Finite Element method and verify structures for fatigue, plate buckling, and member checks according to different standards using own software.


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