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Plot Profiles

Plots – plot settings stored with a user-defined name.

SDC Verifier has 5 types of plots:

Common Options for criteria/contour plot profiles

The first step is to define a load. Then, a category of the result should be selected (displacement, stresses, strains, etc.).

The direction parameter depends on the result category. For stress - direction of stresses (X, Y, ..., Equivalent), for forces - force and moment components, displacement - translation and rotation components, etc.

LG Parameter is enabled only for Load Groups.

Select Elements/Nodes using Selector Control.

The look of the plot depends on View Settings. It is possible to select a view from the list or add a new one.

Press to display the plot.

display plot with all the settings;

- display plot with current view settings (ignore view from plot options);

Press Button_save_plot to save the plot.

For Criteria/Contour plots use Labels Control to include labels with extreme values over recognition items (members, plates, stiffeners or welds), display min/max values of the model or show coordinates of sections from Panel Finder.

Add Criteria Plot

To Add Criteria Plot execute Job - Plots - Criteria Plot from the tree.

Common commands are described in Common Options chapter

For the elemental/nodal result category (e.g. stress) the point of interest and the type for total points has to be set.

Points of interests:

By default, a calculation type is set to AbsMax (absolute maximum value among point values). There are 4 calculation types:

Limits are described in Common Controls chapter

Add Contour Plot

To Add Contour Plot execute Job - Plots - Contour Plot from the tree.

For a contour plot, Data Conversion can be set. These options control how the results are converted from data at element centroids, corners and nodes to the continuous graphical representation.

Common commands are described in Common Options chapter

Data Conversion is described in Common Controls chapter

Histogram Plot

To Add Histogram Plot execute Job - Plots - Histogram Plot from the tree.

Histogram plot displays extreme results over directions for several loads at once.

Select Loads using Load Selector.

When Loads are defined select the result category from the Category list.


Expand Graph

To Add Expand Graph execute Job - Plots - Expand Graph from the tree:

Expand Graph displays entity results for several loads at once. The graph is similar to Histogram but instead of the extreme results, it displays entity results.

When Loads are defined select the result Category, Direction, Point (only elemental results with Points) and Load Groups Parameter (Minimum, Maximum or Absolute).


Beam Member Diagram

Beam Member Diagram - line element force results graph over beam members.

To Add Beam Member Diagram execute Job - Plots - Beam Member Diagram from the tree.

Beam Member Diagram

- highlight selected node/element on the model automatically if turned ON.

- show joints where beam member is split when turned ON.

Select Loads using Load Selector.

Category - type of result to be displayed;

Total Calculation Type - type of result among all the points of interest of the element. Available for Stress result category;

Direction - result direction;

Beam Members Type - show beam members from Y/Z/Torsional direction;

Selection - beam member is added in the table when all its elements are in the selection.