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EN13001 Weld Strength (2018)

EN13001 Weld Strength (2018) – a crane standard EN 13001-3-1+A2 Limits States and proof competence of steel structure.

EN13001 Weld Strength (2018)

To add EN 13001 Standard execute Standards - Main - EN 13001 - EN 13001 Weld Strength (2018) from the ribbon:

add EN13001 Standard

Press to Set Standard Custom Settings

is the general resistance factor (EN13001-2).

If Weld Material Under-Matching is checked then equation 22 and ultimate tensile strength of the weld material will be used to calculate limit design weld stress fW,Rd.


Otherwise, equation 21 and yield stress of the connected members will be used. (Section 5.2.5 and Table 8)



EN13001_alphaW formula - is a factor given in Table 8 in dependence on the type of weld, the type of stress and the material

EN13001_Fy formula - is the minimum value of the yield strength of the connected members under consideration

EN13001_Fuw formula - is the ultimate tensile strength of the weld material (all weld metal)

add EN13001 weld strength table 8

If Using Effective Weld Length is checked then effective weld length will be used for calculations (substract twice the weld thickness from full weld length: lr = lw - 2 * w). Otherwise, full weld length will be used.