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Individual Load

SDC Verifier gives a possibility to create the following types of Individual Loads:

To create Individual Loads, execute Jobs - Job - Individual Loads from the tree:


To create few Individual Loads for the calculation, define the Fem Loads and the Constraints or use the Inertia Relief option.

To create Individual Loads based on the results, click on the From Existing Results tab:


Select output sets and press Create.

In Static Job, one individual load can contain only one Output Set. In Buckling or Custom Job, Load can contain more than one Output Set. To define the amount of the Output Sets per load use option Results per Load.


To edit a single Individual Load, select it in the Tree:

It is possible to modify the boundary conditions, the safety factor or attached Output Set.

To edit few Individual Loads execute Jobs - Job - Individual Loads - Edit Multiple:

Individual Loads Edit Multiple Femap

Fem Load or Constraint can be changed for few selected Individual Loads by pressing Apply to Selected.

Fem Load/Constraint can be modified from Clipboard. Copy IDs from Excel, select a single cell (top left corner) and press from Clipboard:

Individual Loads Edit Multiple Clipboard Femap

If Fem Load/Constraint ID exists in the model it is replaced with Title otherwise ID is pasted. Alternatively, it is possible to manually type ID in the Fem Load/Constraint column to edit Individual Load.

Imports Results

To import the Output Sets into the Individual Loads execute Jobs - Job - Individual Loads - Import Results from the tree:

Output Set column displays the Output Set attached to the load or "-" if the load does not have results.

In the Multiple Loads group box is possible to link the multiple output sets to multiple individual loads. Select the individual loads, the output sets and press Distribute. Use All button to include all available Loads or all available Output Sets.

Note: If an amount of available loads is equal to the number of available output sets all items will be selected automatically.


When selecting Output Sets there are two options:

Individual Loads Import Results Femap

It is possible to import a few output sets for one Individual Load for the buckling or custom Job:


Results per Load is available for all jobs except the static (the load can have only one result). If some of the selected loads already have results in static job, then the warning message will be displayed.

To remove all results from all loads press Remove All Output Sets.

Safety Factors

Safety Factor is used in the calculation according to the standards:


To change multiple safety factors execute Jobs - Job - Individual Loads - Safety Factors from the tree:


Set Safety Factor value and press Set to selected to apply it for the selected loads.