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Connection Finder

Connection Finder recognizes connections, their dimensions and is based on Joints.

Each connection is a set of elements connected to the joint node (see Joints Finder) and consists of:

Chord – is a set of non-welded elements that form straight line;

Braces – welded to chord elements at joint node;

SDC Verifier | Connection Description

To start recognition execute Recognitions - Finders - Connection from the ribbon:

SDC Verifier | Connection Finder Window

Press Settings to define recognition options:

SDC Verifier | Connection Finder Settings

Selection – select joint nodes where recognition will be performed using Selector Control;

Chord maximum curvature angle - chord elements not always form the straight line. To include an inclination in the chord default angle of 3 degrees is used.

Maximum distance from joint nodes of one connection on the chord - include joints that are formed by multiple nodes. It is possible to set Custom distance or use the distance that equals D/4 where D - chord diameter for circular braces;

Angle between braces treated as in one plane - defines the allowable angle between braces of one connection that are located in different planes;

Press Find to recognize all connections of the model. The following types of connections are recognized:

Connection details display respective type of connection, chord or brace and cross section dimensions. Brace contains only 1 element with ID defined in brackets (#) connected to the joint node. Connection can contain braces from both sides of the chord: Upper- braces from one side of chord; Lower - braces from opposite side of chord;

SDC Verifier | Connection Details

Note: Multiplane (3D) connections are split onto plane (2D) connections:

SDC Verifier | Split Multiplane Connection

- rename selected connection

- select element from the model and highlight respective connection in the list that contain selected element;

- remove selected connections;

- export selected connections using Export Menu;

- highlight selected connections on the model;

- display only selected connections on the model;

Press to automatically highlight selected connections on the model.

- show an information about all connections;

- hide an information about all connections;

It is possible to filter connections by Selection or by Filter Rule:

SDC Verifier | Filter

Filter Rules:

Press Apply Filter to filter connections that match the filter settings. Applied filter is displayed above the table:

SDC Verifier | Connection Filter