About SDC Verifier

In 1998, engineer and Delft University professor Wouter van den Bos started the company to end engineers’ frustration that routine and repetitive work consumes up to 50% of the time while checking and interpreting the FEA output. Since then, the company has grown from a solopreneur into an international business with offices in the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Poland and continues to expand. 

Our FEA consultancy services are widely used by industry leaders globally. SDC Verifier software is well known for its intuitive automatic tools and features for designing and certifying complex engineering structures.

The company structure, combining the synergy of engineering consultancy and software development, creates unique opportunities for the team to offer, test, and improve ideas and features instantly and fix bugs at the development stage. 

Contact us to redefine your performance and solve the most complex problems in structural engineering.


At SDC Verifier, our passion is automation and optimization. We enjoy looking for new methods and approaches to do our work better, faster and automatically (as much as possible).


Make engineers happier! By creating outstanding instruments which will automate all possible routine and repetitive work in their projects and let them focus on engineering.


The combination of engineers and software developers in our team makes it strong. The engineering always brings nice ideas and improvements for software. The developers always searching for new ways of automation to improve work quality and performance in engineering projects.

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SDC Verifier is pleased to be a part of NAFEMS, IRO, and PEMA organizations. As a proud member of these esteemed associations, SDC Verifier is committed to advancing the field of engineering by adhering to the highest standards of finite element methods

SDC Verifier is a Member of Nafems
SDC Verifier is a Member of IRO
SDC Verifier is a member of PEMA

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SDC Verifier is proud to be a technical partner of Siemens and an ANSYS Advanced Solution Partner.

SDC Verifier is a Siemens Technology Partner
SDC Verifier is ANSYS Advanced Solution Partner