Building digital twins

Digital twin technology helps to choose the best design solution for particular working conditions by automatic analysis of different digital models. The analysis is based on sets of parameters established in technical specifications. The models are precise copies of the existing structure in operation or one which has to be built, modified, transported, or decommissioned. Digital twins technology also helps to investigate the structure’s responses to real-world information, replacing the prototype tests with simulations.

building digital twin sdc verifier

A very fine mesh finite element analysis with automatic recognition of structural members helps to indicate potential points of damage in all applied working conditions and with all applied load cases. The applications of digital twins vary, but it is efficiently used in civil engineering, heavy lifting, offshore and maritime, and other industries.

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Digital twins help to:

  • predict the lifetime period;
  • Identify issues before they appear and understand why they appear;
  • develop the best solution for reinforcement and structural optimization;
  • extend the lifetime of the structure.

SDC Verifier engineering team uses digital twins to directly represent the structure’s behavior in the real life, combining the capabilities of simulation and code-checking software with extensive experience.

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