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certification support sdc verifier

Certification is often needed when the new structure design is used, any changes in the existing design are implemented, or the load capacity/loading scheme is updated. It is required by rules and is usually time-consuming. In some cases, with the new design, any changes in the existing design, or for example, updates in load capacity, there is a need to carry out the miscalculations. The SDC Verifier engineering team provides technical support in all such cases for all complex tests required by the rules of certification.

With the help of simulation tools, engineers can understand any structure’s (crane, equipment, tank, ship) behavior under loads. Such tools save much money and time on costly load tests required by certification organizations. The tests are replaced by the FEA simulations and help to pass the certification process successfully in a short time.

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SDC Verifier Engineering team uses the best practices of design optimization, that help to certify the design using simulation and optimization based on the requirements of the standards.

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