Certification support

Certification is often needed when the new structure design is used, any changes in the existing design are implemented, or the load capacity/loading scheme is updated. It is required by rules and is usually time-consuming. In some cases, with the new design, any changes in the existing design, or for example, updates in load capacity, there is a need to carry out the miscalculations. The SDC Verifier engineering team provides technical support in all such cases for all complex tests required by the rules of certification.

With the help of simulation tools, engineers can understand any structure’s (crane, equipment, tank, ship) behavior under stress. But such tools don’t assess whether the structure is safe and whether its design will pass certification. Potential failure modes or limit states (fatigue, plate buckling, joints, connections, or beam stability failure (втрата стійкості) are not included, engineers get the results for stress and displacement but not the confirmation of compliance to limit states contained in industry standards. Picking optimal design decisions for structural analysis is a time-consuming and repetitive routine that is complicated and leaves room for error. That is why smart and effective engineers use automation tools to overcome this.

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Unique SDC Verifier software that automates verification according to standards includes an Optimization function covering all tasks above, picking, calculating, and checking different variables or design decisions according to each standard. This helps to understand if the particular design decision is the best.

SDC Verifier Engineering team uses the best practices of design optimization, that help to certify the design using simulation and optimization based on the requirements of the standards.