SDC Verifier Offshore and Maritime Oil Rig Structures

Simulation and Verification software for Offshore and Maritime Industry

SDC Verifier is a high performance software for the design and analysis of structures in the offshore and maritime industry, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

No matter how complex your Offshore and Maritime industry project is, SDC Verifier will help you tackle modeling, simulation, and calculation tasks, saving you time and money. Jack-up Rigs, Ships, FPSO, Mooring Systems, Floating LNG Terminals and their components, such as manifolds, templates, and subsea wellheads, hulls, decks, and different types of substructures and support structures, can be easily designed by engineers and verified with the local and global rules for Offshore and Maritime industry.

The benefits of SDC Verifier for Offshore and Maritime industry structures simulation and verification are the seamless FEA design or import of the CAD model for simulation. Automatic detection of beams, joints, plates and welds for further use in checks, constantly growing library of standards and rules for Offshore and Maritime industry have proven their effectiveness in tackling challenging tasks. Engineers appreciate SDC Verifier’s features of structural optimization according to predefined parameters and automatic report generation that are essential for engineering results presentation. 

Offshore and Maritime companies using SDC Verifier

Structural rules and regulations for Offshore and Maritime Industry

List of engineering standards for structural verification of structures and their parts for compliance with the rules in Offshore and Maritime industry

  • ABS Plate Buckling (2004 editions)
  • ABS Plate Buckling (2014 editions)
  • ABS Plate Buckling (2022 editions)
  • ABS Plate Buckling (2022 editions)
  • API RP 2A-LRFD (1st, 1993)
  • API RP 2A-WSD (21st, 2007)
  • DNV CN30 Plate Buckling (1995)
  • DNV OS-C101-LRFD Weld Strength (2011)
  • DNV OS-C201-WSD Weld Strength (2011)
  • DNV RP-C201 Plate/Stiffener Buckling (2010)
  • DNV-RP-C203 Fatigue (2016)
  • ISO 19902 (1st 2007)
  • Norsok N004 (Rev. 3, 2013)