Design with Finite Elements Lecture 1

First general introduction lecture from Design with Finite Elements course from our CEO Wouter van den Bos. Just click on a link to view video from interested chapter. Aim of the course General explanation Yield, local buckling, global buckling, fatigue, number of moves of crane, stability, crane standard NEN2018 / […]

How to model with FEM

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 2

SDC Verifier is different in the lecture slides than then current SDC verifier¬† Element stress vs Nodal stress Mesh Size and type Warping and torsion How detailed should the crane be modelled? Modeling details: Stiffeners, Mass distribution, Hinge points and plate hinges, Stiff connections and constraints Modeling: Beam simplification: No […]

Load according to standards

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 3

I cannot mesh because the orientation is colinear with the element orientation Element with zero length Fatal Error: singularities found (how can we find them – Modal analysis to find loose objects) Solve error singularity: Check eigenfrequencies: if eigenfrequencies are 0 there is no stiffness HELP! Split elements: No nodes […]

Load combinations according to standards

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 4

What to do with the engine room Constraints on bogie set Where to apply constraints Constraints are not working – constraintsets Dimensions of the crane Which loads to apply M-factor Weight info (engine room, structural parts, wind) Hoisting factor Hoisting weight + safe working load Inertia due to movements (trolley […]

Criteria according to standards and static analysis

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 5

Do we have to apply the wind all combined or separately Fatal error: illegal data on bulk data entering How to remove a beam release I have an element which does not move Natural frequency is ok, but the model does not move Switch off element orientation Load combinations Allowable […]

FEM Calculation Methods

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 6

What is a normal deflection of your boom tip I have very small eigenfrequencies what to do / My constraints do not work Forces in SDC & Warping Low eigenfrequencies 0.4 (not small!) how to increase How to stiffen boom What does an offset do? Non-linearities Stress stiffening and spin […]

Show full calculation procedure

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 7

When is a load not important and can you exclude it from your report Why do I see only stresses in x direction and in all other directions 0? How can I remove labels at results If I have a slenderness ratio > 100 but a utilization factor <1 is […]