Design with Finite Elements Lecture 1

First general introduction lecture from Design with Finite Elements course from our CEO Wouter van den Bos. Just click on a link to view video from interested chapter. Aim of the course General explanation Yield, local buckling, global buckling, fatigue, number of moves of crane, stability, crane standard NEN2018 / […]

How to model with FEM

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 2

SDC Verifier is different in the lecture slides than then current SDC verifier  Element stress vs Nodal stress Mesh Size and type Warping and torsion How detailed should the crane be modelled? Modeling details: Stiffeners, Mass distribution, Hinge points and plate hinges, Stiff connections and constraints Modeling: Beam simplification: No […]

Load according to standards

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 3

I cannot mesh because the orientation is colinear with the element orientation Element with zero length Fatal Error: singularities found (how can we find them – Modal analysis to find loose objects) Solve error singularity: Check eigenfrequencies: if eigenfrequencies are 0 there is no stiffness HELP! Split elements: No nodes […]

Load combinations according to standards

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 4

What to do with the engine room Constraints on bogie set Where to apply constraints Constraints are not working – constraintsets Dimensions of the crane Which loads to apply M-factor Weight info (engine room, structural parts, wind) Hoisting factor Hoisting weight + safe working load Inertia due to movements (trolley […]

Criteria according to standards and static analysis

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 5

Do we have to apply the wind all combined or separately Fatal error: illegal data on bulk data entering How to remove a beam release I have an element which does not move Natural frequency is ok, but the model does not move Switch off element orientation Load combinations Allowable […]

FEM Calculation Methods

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 6

What is a normal deflection of your boom tip I have very small eigenfrequencies what to do / My constraints do not work Forces in SDC & Warping Low eigenfrequencies 0.4 (not small!) how to increase How to stiffen boom What does an offset do? Non-linearities Stress stiffening and spin […]

Show full calculation procedure

Design with Finite Elements Lecture 7

When is a load not important and can you exclude it from your report Why do I see only stresses in x direction and in all other directions 0? How can I remove labels at results If I have a slenderness ratio > 100 but a utilization factor <1 is […]