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tender support sdc verifier

SDC Verifier prepares a complete package of the structural verification documents required to participate in tender competitions and submit the most attractive bids. Our engineering team helps to perform a complete check of complex designs, providing recommendations with the best results from the point of view of costs and design balance. When a vendor takes part in a tender for conducting some service (for example, a crane height, the boom length increase, or any other type of work that requires checks according to standards), the competitive advantage will have a proposal optimized in all these parameters. SDC Verifier engineering consultancy services make life easier by helping to save money and time by:

  1. Offering overarching calculations with reports showing that the bid complies with global standards. Then the structure is optimized to get the best possible results.
  2. Giving recommendations on structure modification so that it is appropriately changed, strengthened, or lightened some materials, bolts, welds are replaced, etc. This lets to save costs by minor local changes versus global changes that require more serious expenses.

Learn more about engineering FEA projects SDC Verifier Engineering Department complete for our clients in different industries.

Therefore, calculations with reports and modification recommendations influence the costs included in the offer. And the lower the costs, the more the tender offer is likely to win a competition.

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