SDC for Simcenter 3D

sdc for simcenter

SDC for Simcenter 3D is a structural verification software that works on top of Simcenter 3D. It has a built-in engineering standards library to easily perform fatigue, buckling, welds, bolts and custom design checks according to various industry codes and regulations. SDC for Simcenter 3D has specially designed Recognition tools for automatic detection of welds, beams, plates and connections (joints).

The Optimization module helps to make the best possible design decision based on the code check results. Optimization can be based on cross-section, weld type, yield stress and plate thickness parameters.

Reports in SDC for Simcenter 3D are template-based and contain all calculated results presented as plots and tables. In case of any changes in the calculation process, all results can be regenerated with one click.

SDC for Simcenter together with Simcenter 3D Window
SDC for Simcenter 3D together with Simcenter 3D Window

Advantages of SDC for Simcenter 3D

  • No need to build a new model for verification. Works directly with the Simcenter 3D .fem model
  • Constantly growing library of engineering standards for structural verification in many industries
  • Automatic detection of structural members (connections, joints, beams, plates, welds)
  • Ability to run custom, user-defined checks or modify built-in rules
  • Comprehensive automatic reporting, suitable for PLM and SPDM (Product Lifecycle Management and Simulation Process and Data Management)
  • Optimization module with automatic optimization according to selected rules
  • Open API for advanced project automation

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