Structural calculations

structural calculations

Complex structures’ calculations lie at the core of engineering tasks. Nowadays, powerful modeling environments help engineers with this challenging routine work. But still, each industry or region requires specific structure characteristics and rules and regulations compliance. SDC Verifier’s highly-experienced engineering team has helped Clients from 100+ countries to complete the most complex calculations for structures in Oil&Gas, Offshore&Maritime, Renewable Energy, Heavy Lifting, Automotive, Aerospace, and Civil Engineering industries. We calculate models using our own software made on top of the powerful finite element analysis programs like Ansys or Femap and verify structures for:

  • strength checks (including complex non-linear problems solving)
  • remaining lifetime / fatigue;
  • weld strength check;
  • bolt / rivet checks;
  • stability checks;
  • plate buckling;
  • beam buckling;
  • member checks;
  • and other specific checks.

The complete calculation procedure with an open basis includes structure optimization, global and local standards compliance verification, and detailed reports.

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Typically the Client gets a few main reports:

  1. Model Setup Report, which contains the complete FEM model description, including the materials, weights, properties of the different parts, loads, load combinations, boundary conditions, etc. This report is not a black box, but a complete set of transparent steps of all calculations. Very often, it is helpful to have, especially when you come back to this topic once again in several years and want to find out what was done (typically can be easily up to several hundred pages).
  2. Results Report, which contains the complete results overview for the entire structure over the different areas with explicit comments, explanations, and conclusions.
  3. Total/Summary Report, which is a short document with ONLY important information, conclusions, and recommendations. Very often, we just want to read a few pages and quickly get an idea of the conclusion and what needs to be done — this report is the one which suits us best!

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