Whatever your industry, SDC Verifier is here to support your needs! SDC Verifier’s advanced software is capable of solving the most complex engineering problems. One of SDC Verifier’s greatest strengths is the combination of simulation and standards-based verification. Simply create an FEA model or import it from a third-party CAE, solve it, verify it according to the design codes and rules of your industry, optimize it, and generate a detailed automatic report.

Select your industry to find out how SDC Verifier can help you with your structural calculations and simulations.

SDC Verifier Oil and Gas Refinery Structuresl Structures

Oil and Gas

SDC Verifier structural simulation and verification software helps engineers design and check Oil and Gas industry structures that consist of welds, beams, plates and joints.

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SDC Verifier Heavy Lifting STS Crane Structures

Heavy Lifting

SDC Verifier is your all-in-one solution for design and code-checking of Heavy Lifting structures, including compliance with industry standards.

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SDC Verifier Machinery Equipment Conveyor Structures

Machinery Equipment

SDC Verifier’s simulation and design verification solution streamlines Machinery Equipment development by ensuring structural integrity and compliance with industry standards, reducing costly iterations and time-to-market.

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SDC Verifier Civil Engineering Bridge Structures

Civil Engineering

In Civil Engineering, SDC Verifier’s solution enhances project reliability by validating complex structural designs, safeguarding against failures, and enabling efficient collaboration among teams for safer and more durable infrastructure.

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SDC Verifier Pipes and Petrochemical

Pipes and Petrochemical

For Pipes and Petrochemical industries, SDC Verifier’s solution minimizes risks by verifying critical components’ designs, optimizing for various load scenarios, and meeting stringent safety regulations, fostering operational excellence.

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SDC Verifier Aerospce Wing Simulation


SDC Verifier’s simulation solution revolutionizes Aerospace design by validating intricate structures, like aircraft components, ensuring they meet rigorous standards, enhancing safety, and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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SDC Verifier Renewable Energy Wind Mill Structures

Renewable Energy

In Renewable Energy, SDC Verifier’s solution plays a pivotal role in verifying structural integrity of wind turbines and solar installations, bolstering reliability and longevity, and supporting the shift towards sustainable power sources.

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SDC Verifier Offshore and Maritime Oil Rig Structures

Offshore and Maritime

For Offshore and Maritime industries, SDC Verifier’s simulation solution offers a comprehensive approach to design verification, assuring offshore structures can withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensuring maritime safety.

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Simulation and Verification software for Defense Industry


SDC Verifier Simulation and Verification Software stands at the forefront of innovation, empowering engineers to design and assess complex structures critical for Defense Industry. Our solution helps ensure the integrity and compliance of defense structures, minimize risks, and meet the highest safety and performance standards.

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SDC Verifier Railway Industry


SDC Verifier Simulation and Verification Software helps structural sngineers design and verify various Railway Structures

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