What’s New in SDC Verifier

Our team is constantly improving SDC Verifier to ensure it remains at the forefront of structural engineering tools. With each new release, we introduce a number of exciting updates, including innovative features, updated standards compliance, and bug fixes. Here you can find detailed information about the latest developments and enhancements in the latest version of SDC Verifier. Stay informed and discover how our commitment to excellence can benefit your structural design and analysis projects.

What's New in SDC Verifier 2023 R2.1

New Features:

SDC Verifier

  • Import Femap Neutral File, Geometry, Analysis Model, Analysis Results commands;
  • Meshing Toolbox, Draw/Erase, Show Tooltips commands are available now on the toolbar;
  • Rebuild Model, Deleting Mesh commands are now available on the ribbon;
  • Modelling tools are added to the Tools page on the ribbon;


  • Support of Modal and Eigenvalue Buckling analyses (Ansys);
  • Hot Spot Stress is extended for the full element face;

Bug Fixes:

SDC Verifier

  • An error appeared on importing the Femap model without having the  scratch folder selected in the Preferences manually;
  • Crash appeared on the Report Designer after clicking on Report Layout on the Ribbon;
  • The project was not saved after importing the Femap model;


  • Incorrect formula was used in F.E.M. 1.001 (3rd, 1998) standard, check ‘3..Fatigue Summation’, parameter ‘Summed Damage’;
  • Incorrect formulas were used in EN 1993-1-8 (2005) Connections standard, check ‘2..Limits’, parameters: ‘Is Chord Width Class 1 or 2’ and ‘Is Chord Width Class 1’;
  • Incorrect formulas were used in FKM (6th, 2012) standard when calculating non-welded solid weld parts in checks: ‘3..Fatigue (constant amplitude stress spectrum)’, ‘4..Fatigue Summation (variable amplitude stress spectrum)’; parameters: ‘Stress amplitude 1 (Spatial stress states)’, ‘Stress amplitude 2 (Spatial stress states)’,  ‘Stress amplitude 3 (Spatial stress states)’;
  • Conversion of stresses at interpolation points into the weld direction was missing when calculating hot spot stresses;
  • Fixed exporting to groups with the same names (Simcenter 3D);
  • Fixed updating recognition tools for beam models (message was shown when the model was not changed) (Ansys);
  • Fatigue Components Extreme Table:
    • Crash appeared when there were no Fatigue Groups created in the project;
    • Fixed filtering logic;
    • The title of the table was automatically replaced with the default title when opening the table for editing;
    • Only selected rows were copied to the clipboard instead of the whole table;
  • Plate Property had incorrect parameters after running optimization tool for Plate Buckling Check (Femap);
  • Variable Stress_Gradient.X (same for all directions) returned incorrect result;
  • Predefined Load Cases did not work for Job of Jobs;
  • Crash appeared on pressing Ok button in Import Shapes without having selected any shapes to import;
  • An error appeared on loading the logo after loading Engineer details on creating a new project;
  • Crash appeared in Select Load Window when no job was selected;
  • The chosen unit system was not taken into account in Extreme and Flow tables Custom Check Table;
  • Wrong message appeared when filling the Expand/Extreme table for “Reaction Force” category in case of absence of the Reaction Force results;
  • The “Failed to attach load results” message appeared in Results Manager when trying to select custom or “Set as Default” Result Folder;
  • Centroid result option in Solid Stress was not copied on job being copied;
  • Report Designer:
    • Crash appeared on Components Extreme Table open for Edit after clicking the Select Load button;
    • Multiple Plots with the same parameters were created after selecting multiple parameters on adding;
    • Report items could not be generated any more once the generation of the report was terminated;
    • The Individual Loads Content item could not be generated when it was added from the context menu (Ansys);

Version History: