What’s New

SDC Verifier 5.2


    • Crane Standard EN 13001-3-1+A2 Limits States and proof competence of steel:

Crane Standard EN 13001-3-1

  • DNVGL-RP-C203 Recommended Practice: Fatigue design of offshore steel structures, April 2016:


  • AISC 360-10 Chapter J3: Bolts and Threaded parts:

AISC 360-10 Chapter J3

  • EN 1993-1-8 Chapter3 Connections made with bolts, rivets or pins (beta);

EN 1993-1-8 Chapter3

  • Ansys 2019 R1 is supported;
  • Beam Deflection Check;

Beam Deflection Check

  • AISC 360-10 circular and rectangular bars are implemented;

AISC 360-10 circular and rectangular bars

  • ISO 19902 Chapter 13.2 and Chapter 13.2 Tubular members subjected to combined forces with hydrostatic pressure:

ISO 19902 Chapter 13.2 SDC Verfier

  • Combined standards (AISC 360-10 with API RP-2A LRFD / Norsok N004 / ISO 19902, AISC ASD 89 with API RP-2A WSD), API, ISO, Norsok for tubular shapes, AISC for non-tubular shapes:

AISC ASD 89 SDC Verifier

  • Unit System is used for input (materials, sections) and results (tables, plots):

SDC Verifier Untit System

  • Standard split on built-in (formulas not editable) and custom;

  • Built-in standards can be edited using wizards;

Standards wizzards SDC Verifier

  • The Standard menu is organized by the Classification Societies:

SDC Verifier Standard menu

  • Standard input is grouped together:

Standard input is grouped together SDC Verifier

  • The Standard wizard offers to fill characteristic / classification automatically by pressing OK if it was not defined:

SDC Verifier Standard wizzard

  • Weld Checks – elemental method is added (beta);

SD Verifier Weld checks

  • Selector – manual selection of structural items (members, welds, buckling plates) by element (one element is enough to pick one member):

  • Selector – new rules for Welds;

  • Labels over structural items (member, welds, etc.) with limits; Min/Max labels;

SDC Verifier Labels over structural items

  • Labels on components extreme tables over selections;

  • Components – new colored plot (also in the report);

  • Automatically reruns recognition recovery (joints, beam members, buckling plates, welds) if the model was changed:

  • Materials and Components colored labels plots in the report:

  • Export SDC Load Combinations to Mechanical into a separate solution (Ansys). Forces are multiplied on factors and defined in the correspondent steps:

Export SDC Verifier Load Combinations to Mechanical into a separate solution (Ansys)

  • Create Base cases (Ansys) – create a copy of solution with each force acting on a single step (can be used to analyze the influence of individual loads and create load combinations in SDC Verifier according to the standards);
  • Freebody tool - calculates a balanced set of forces/moments on a chosen part of a model;


  • Import Word document into SDC report;

Import Word document into SDC Verifier report

  • Solve command for all jobs and standards;

  • Peak Finder – improvements plot options, label size;

  • Load Set – individual loads can be added with 0 factor. It can be used to create a pulsating stress range;

  • DNV Plate Buckling (2010) – update calculation of combined buckling factor. Tension stresses are included in combined formula instead of compression only (Chapter 6.5, formula 6.18);

  • Plate Buckling table –labels plot for selected section/buckling plates results;
  • Beam Member Finder – settings for default member names, user names for beam members;

  • Beam Member Finder – filter is updated: apply to selected and not all members, select members by elements (one element is enough to pick the member)

  • Beam Member Finder – button to jump to edit multiple for the selected beam member (with sub-members). Pick member by element for edit multiple feature:

  • Report Check, Uncheck, Revert;

  • Standard tables – rows and columns;

  • Copy formulas between the checks;

  • Annotations (block with text, arrow, rectangle/ellipse) on pictures from files:

  • If user action (e.g. updating classification, editing factors in load set, update recognition tools) requires to clear results the warning message will be shown:

  • Edit Safety Factors for all Jobs at once:

  • Import predefined legend colors scheme from Femap including Gray and Gray + No Magenta (Femap):

  • Enhanced parameter limits – highlight cell in the table with red when the condition is not satisfied (below value, in range, outside the range, equal):

  • Save project from the report designer;

  • Edit all constants in standard at once;

  • Demo version (with limitation to 2000 nodes/elements) is removed, it is required to request a trial license in order to run SDC Verifier;
  • It is possible to select the license file during the installation;
  • SDC Verifier can be installed on a network share (path has to be pasted from the clipboard, browse option does not work);
  • Use different license files for SDC Verifier under different CAE programs (Ansys, Femap, Simcenter3D);
  • Automatically select Load Group in a selector for new table/plot. Store last selected load and select it for new table/plot;
  • Panel Finder – option to split plates on the section with different thicknesses;
  • Plot objects are created with descriptive names in Mechanical (Ansys);
  • Different version of SDC Verifier can be used in different version of Ansys, e.g. 5.1 in 19.1 and 5.2 in 19.2 (Ansys);

Bug fixes:

  • Eurocode3 – stress overshoot check calculation of m parameter;
  • Section Library – swapped dimensions for channel section;
  • High DPI issues with controls. Two monitors with different DPI settings;
  • Contour plot failed for fatigue summation check;
  • Autoscale option issue in View;
  • Results were cleared for fatigue summation check when Fill Table button was pressed on Table form;
  • Load Group results in fatigue summation check was not stored to files if check could not be completed due to lack of RAM memory;
  • Results for the load was not cleared automatically when safety factors were modified on Load Group control;
  • Results were not cleared automatically when torsional length in Beam Member Finder was modified;
  • Recognition issues in Weld Finder and Panel Finder for parabolic plate elements;
  • Wrong type for parabolic beams in Joint Finder;
  • Fix result categories for all Joint Checks parameters;
  • Unexpected error when applying direction in classification for the full model condition;
  • Unexpected error in standard data tables;
  • Failed to change the selection in the report for peak finder table/plot using Apply to All menu;
  • Classification types were not saved into the Standard library;
  • Results were cleared if user press OK on characteristic/classification/standard table form even if the data was not modified;
  • Get picture from Femap, when it is minimized (Femap);
  • Plot with elements shown with white color instead of criteria color (Femap);
  • Import results from analysis study – output sets were ordered by ID and by Analysis study (Femap);
  • Wave load – unit system added (Femap);
  • Multinodal force editing issues (Femap);
  • Split buckling plates using all line elements (rods and tubes) and not only beams and bars (Femap);
  • Contact description failed to read (Femap);
  • Geometry objects were shown on results plots (Femap);
  • Unit System issues (Ansys);
  • Create a plot under the correct solution to show relevant displacement (Ansys);
  • Duplicate Plot in Mechanical does not work (Ansys)
  • Elements with mapped I-shape were not added into selection with I-shape condition (Ansys);
  • Project save on network location was not shown in the list during open project command (Ansys);
  • New project wizard – steps were not imported automatically when user press Finish on the first step (Ansys);
  • Select elements/nodes in Mechanical from SDC – popup dialog is not on top of all windows (Ansys);