Plate Buckling

Plate buckling strength is an important aspect in offshore steel construction design. Each plate should be checked as it influences on the strength and stability of the whole construction. Particular attention should be paid to the calculation of the ship’s hull, which consists of a large number of longitudinal and […]

Report Generator

Preparing full calculation report is one of the most time-consuming parts of the project. An engineer has to make the same routine processes to create calculation report from project to project. SDC Verifier allows the process of report generation to be done automatically, reducing time expenses and maximally automate the […]

Weld Stresses

To perform a weld strength or fatigue checks on welds the calculated stresses should be oriented into a weld direction: X – parallel the weld. Y – perpendicular to the weld. In previous version (3.8.5) the weld finder tool updated elements orientation one by one using the Femap API function. […]

Load Combinations

Instead of focusing on the total load set, SDC Verifier separately calculates the influences of different individual loads on the structure. The overall response of a structure in real life situations is retrieved by combining the outcome of these individual loads into load sets. With even a small number of […]

Peak Finder

Peak Finder. Never miss a hot spot. For large detailed models, results are shown over the surface but only the results at the visible part of the model can be checked. Using plots with only the welds selected gives you a better picture and enables inside viewing, but results on […]

Governing Loads

What are the critical load cases For models with a huge amount of load combinations checking all situations is very time-consuming. Instead of checking all the load cases SDC Verifier can help you to reduce the set of results. Out of a large group of load combinations the SDC Verifier […]

Global Plate Stresses

The conversion tool from plate local element coordinate system into the global coordinate system is implemented in version 4.0. Global Plate Stresses are especially important to see the origin of the load. For the pictures above the global x-direction is used to show the bending moment in the full ship, while […]

Allowable fatigue stress

For cranes as for most other dynamically loaded structures very important. The allowable fatigue stress depends on the following: The material (or the elasticity limit) of the construction. The sign of the stress (tension or compression). The k-factor (the ratio between the maximum and the minimum stress). The number of […]

Example E1.B and E1.D W-shape column design with intermediate bracing

The results are generated with SDC Verifier 3.6 and calculated with FEMAP v11.0.0 Task: Redesign the column from Example E. 1A assuming the column is laterally braced about y-y axis and torsionally braced at the midpoint. Solution: From Chapter 2 of ASCE/SEI 7, the required compressive strength is: Column Selection From AISC Specification Commentary […]

Example D.5 Round HSS tension member

The results of tensile yielding and recommended slenderness limit calculation according to SDC Verifier and Design Examples of AISC (official version 14.1) are compared. The goal is to test SDC Verifier and reach valid results according to Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC 360-10 chapter D). The results are generated […]