Example F.6 HSS flexural member with compact flanges

The results are generated with SDC Verifier 3.7.1 and calculated with FEMAP v11.0.0. The example was calculated in American unit system.

Note: Maximum deflection and beam selection has not implemented yet in SDC Verifier.

Task: Select a square ASTM A500 Grade B HSS beam to span 7.5 ft. The loads are a uniform dead load of 0.145 kip/ft and a uniform live load of 0.435 kip/ft. Limit the live load deflection to L/240. The beam is continuously braced.

F6 1


From AISC Manual Table 2-4, the material properties are as follows:

ASTM A500 Grade B

Fy = 46 ksi

Fu = 58 ksi

From Chapter 2 of ASCE/SEI 7, the required flexural strength is:

F6 2

Minimum Required Moment of inertia

Determine the minimum required I as follows.

F6 3

Beam Selection

Select an HSS with a minimum lx of 2.85 in4.,using AISC Manual Table 1-12, and having adequate available strength, using AISC Manual Table 3-13.

Try an HSS 3½×?.

From AISC Manual Table 1-12, lx = 2.90 in4 > 2.85 in4o.k.

From AISC Manual Table 3-13, the available flexural strength is:

F6 4

Units which were used in calculation:

1 kip = 1000 lb

1 ft = 12 in

1 ksi = 1000 psi (lb/in^2)

Example from AISC Design Examples

Material summaryF6 5

F6 6

Properties Summary

F6 7

F6 8

Geometry Property Value
Height 3.50
Width 3.50
h 3.50
b 3.50
d 0.12

FEM Loads and Constraint


F6 9

F6 10


F6 11

Check 1..ANSI / AISC LRFD 360-10

Individual Load ‘1..Loads.Constraint’

F6 12

From Chapter 2 of ASCE/SEI 7, the required flexural strength is

F6 13

Download SDC Verifier project file, model and report of  Example F.6

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