Example G.6 Doubly symmetric shape in weak axis shear

The results are generated with SDC Verifier 3.6 and calculated with FEMAP v11.0.0


Verify the available shear strength and adequacy of W21×48 ASTM A992 beam with end shears of 20.0 kips from dead load and 60.0 kips from live load in weak direction.


From AISC Manual Table 2-4, the material properties are as follows:


Fy = 50 ksi

Fu = 65 ksi

From AISC Manual Table 1-11, the geometric properties are as follows:


bƒ = 8.14 in.

tƒ = 0.430 in.

From Chapter 2 of ASCE/SEI 7, the required shear strength is:

G6 1

From AISC Specification Section G7, for weak axis shear, use AISC Specification Equation G2-1 and AISC Specification Section G2.1(b) with Aw = bƒtƒ for each flange, h/tw = b/tƒb = bƒ/2 and kv = 1.2.

Calculate w (Multiply by 2 for both shear resisting elements)

G6 2

Calculate Cv.

G6 3

Note: For all ASTM A6 W-, S-, M- and HP shapes when Fy ≤ 50 ksi, Cv = 1.0, except some M-shape noted in the User Note at the end of AISC Specification Section G2.1.

Calculate Vn.

G6 4

From AISC Specification Section G1, the available shear strength is:

G6 5

Example from AISC Design Examples

Material summaryG6 material

Properties Summary

G6 property

G6 property plot

Geometry Property Value
Height 20.60
Width 8.14
h 20.60
a 8.14
b 8.14
c 0.43
d 0.35
t 0.43

FEM Loads and Constraint

1..Dead load 20 kips

G6 deadload

2..Live load 60 kips

G6 liveload


G6 constraint

G6 plot

Check 1..ANSI / AISC LRFD 360-10


All (LS1, 17 Property Shape(s))

G6 shear

From Chapter 2 ASCE/SEI 7, the required shear strength is:

G6 shear1

Calculate Aw. (Multiply by 2 for both shear resisting elements.)

G6 shear2

From AISC Specification Section G1, the available shear strength is

G6 shear3

Comparing results of calculation in SDC Verifier and in Example G.6 we can see that values completely match.

The required shear strength is 120 kips.

The available shear strength is 189.01 kips.

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