Design of the ships, checking plates and stiffener buckling according to DNV and ABS rules

Last Updated on April 12th, 2024 by

Every ship or vessel design should be approved by certification organization like DNV or ABS. At the same time, strength, deflections and many other parameters of the structure should be checked in general FEA program. SDC Verifier enables the possibility to define sections, decks and longitudinals, recognize plates, stiffeners and girders, check the design (by analyzing the free edges and integrity of panels), and perform plate and stiffener buckling according to ABS or DNV rules.

In this demonstration we covered the main ship design checks of SDC Verifier: ABS and DNV. Automatic recognition of sections, plate fields and stiffeners are shown. Plate buckling analysis of the ship section were performed with results presented in plots and tables.

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