Meet our new reseller in Republic of Korea — TSNE

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We are happy to present our new reseller — Tae Sung Software & Engineering, Inc. Looking forward to the fruitful partnership that will help ANSYS users to enable code checks directly in the finite element models.

SDC Verifier and TSNE

With its largest CAE experts and business capabilities in Korea, TSNE serves customers from variety of industries (Aerospace, Automotive, Civil Engineering, Biomedical, Shipbuilding, Electrics and Electronics, Energy, Defense, Chemical industries, and etc.), and is expanding its business scope to researching innovative technologies and applying them to the field.

Tae Sung Software & Engineering, Inc. TSNE Team

As one of the major and best channel partners of ANSYS, TSNE covers full portfolio of ANSYS, and also a distributor of the industry leading products, DAFUL (ANSYS‐Motion/Multi‐body Dynamics), KULI (1‐D energy management), GTAM/GSAM (Topology and size optimization), ROCKY (Discrete Element Modeling), GRANTA (Materials information management) and other CAE products. TSNE is expanding its product portfolio to System / Semiconductor / EDA areas with Proplus (circuit simulator). Also, with eTSNE, the latest cloud platform for CAE, TSNE helps customers to access the best hardware resources for CAE solutions.

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