SDC Verifier joins PEMA

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We are happy to announce we have joined the PEMA — a unique platform for exchanging views on emerging trends and demands for the seaport, marine, and intermodal terminal industries’ equipment and technology.

We believe that SDC Verifier’s proven experience in cooperation with industries leaders combined with unique simulation and code-checking software will enrich PEMA’s community.

SDC Verifier joins PEMA (Port Equipment Manufacturing Association)

Being founded in late 2004, PEMA provides a forum and public voice for the global port equipment and technology sectors, reflecting their critical role in enabling safe, secure, sustainable, and productive ports and thereby supporting world maritime trade.

Chief among the aims of the Association is to provide a forum for the exchange of views on trends in the design, manufacture, and operation of port equipment and technology worldwide.
PEMA also aims to promote and support the equipment and technology industries’ global role by raising awareness with media, customers, and other stakeholders; forging relations with other port industry associations and bodies; and contributing to best practice initiatives.

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