Alseas use SDC Verifier for Vessel Global Hull structural check

SDC Verifier long time customer Alseas used SDC Verifier for Vessel Global Hull structural analysis for yield and buckling checks. Twenty-two finite element models, 22 loading conditions, and more than twenty reports totaling over 4000 pages were generated in just 2 days. “Weeks, if not months, saved,” says Alseas.


Allseas is a prominent offshore construction and subsea engineering company known for its innovative solutions in the energy industry. Founded in 1985 by Edward Heerema, the company has gained international recognition for its cutting-edge technology and expertise in subsea infrastructure, pipelines, and offshore platform installation.

One of Allseas’ most remarkable assets is the “Pioneering Spirit” vessel. This massive and groundbreaking vessel is the largest construction vessel in the world, boasting incredible capabilities.

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