DIN 15018


SDC Verifier enables automatic DIN 15018 standard verification directly in Ansys Mechanical, Femap and Simcenter 3D. In SDC Verifier DIN 15018 is used for static stress check and fatigue check for the steel structures of cranes and crane equipment. Fatigue calculations are performed according to the Allowable Stress Design method (ASD).

DIN 15018-1. Cranes; steel structures; verification and analyses

Krane; Grundsätze für Stahltragwerke; Berechnung

1984 Edition, November 1984

DIN 15018 (Cranes; steel structures; verification and analyses) is a crane code and has been officially replaced by DIN EN 13001 (Cranes – General Design – Part 3-1: Limit States and proof competence of steel structure (includes Amendment 1:2018)). Some companies still use DIN 15018 for the structures. The code is based on the nominal stress concept. Different load spectres are included to adapt the permissible stress amplitudes to the service load conditions. This standard is used for steel structures; principles of design and construction.

DIN 15018 standard applies to the steel structures of cranes and crane equipment of any kind, and also to mobile steel structures for continuous conveyors. It does not cover craneways, excavators, ropeways, wagon tipples and mining machinery.

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DIN stands for “Deutsches Institut für Normung” meaning German institute for standardization.