FKM Standard

SDC Verifier enables automatic FKM Guidelines verification directly in Ansys Mechanical, Femap and Simcenter 3D.

Currently implemented FKM 5th edition (2003) and FKM 6th edition (2012).

Read the help article on FKM (5th, 2003)

For engineers concerned with construction and calculations in mechanical engineering or in related industry fields the FKM-Guideline for analytical strength assessment is available since 1994.
It was developed based on former TGL standards and on the former Guideline VDI 2226 but with referring to more recent sources and the current state of knowledge.

The FKM Guideline:

Is applicable in mechanical engineering and in related fields of industry

Allows the analytical strength assessment for rod-shaped (1D) for shell-shaped (2D) and for block-shaped (3D) components under consideration of all relevant influences.

Describes the assessment of the static and fatigue strength, the latter according to an assessment of the fatigue limit of the constant amplitude fatigue strength, or of the variable amplitude fatigue strength according to the service stress conditions.

It is valid for components made of steel, cast steel, or cast iron materials at temperatures from -40 °C to 500 °C. For components made of aluminum alloys and cast aluminum alloys at temperatures from -40 °C to 200 °C as well.

Is applicable for components produced with or without machining or by welding

It allows you to evaluate nominal and local elastic stresses derived from a finite element or boundary element analyses from the calculation of theoretical mechanics solutions, or from measurements.