VDI Standards


SDC Verifier enables automatic VDI 2230 standard verification directly in Ansys Mechanical, Femap, and Simcenter 3D.

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Guideline VDI 2230: Systematic Calculation of High Duty Bolted Joints

VDI standards are published by the Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI), supporting engineers for more than 160 years and publishing up to 250 VDI Standards annually with a total number of more than 2100 valid VDI Standards currently searched in the VDI Standards database. VDI 2230, currently implemented in the SDC Verifier standards’ library, is a VDI standard for the latest finding in the field of the calculation of bolted joints with a recommendation of a systematic calculation process. This standard presents all failures of joints that can cause severe damage. It sets a guideline for ISO metric bolted joints to prevent potential failures like bolt yielding due to overstressing, clamp plates crushing, bolted joint preload loss due to embedding, crushing and slipping, thread stripping, and bolt fatigue. It is one of the most detailed standards for bolted connection, and it takes much consideration into account. The VDI 2230 helps to pick the suitable bolt configuration. VDI 2230 also specializes in bolt tension. Their process and structure are also entirely different from other standards. They present different bolted connections in particular areas. This standard has made a ten-step plan for every occasion for the assembly in preloading the bolts.

Initially, the standard was developed for the automotive industry, but today, it is widely used in all industries internationally for verifying high-strength bolted joints. Not only the calculation itself but also the detailed calculation information, along with an explanation of relationships between forces, moments, and deformations.