Residual Lifetime analysis for crane structures

Date / Time:July 27, 2022
crane webinar
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Duration: 45 minutes

Host: Oleg Ishchuk, COO @ SDC Verifier


All structures subjected to repetitive loading must be checked for Fatigue damage to define the residual lifetime and investigate or prevent cracks or failures. In addition, it helps with the design of new structures and the maintenance of existing ones. SDC Verifier performs checks for Fatigue and Strength according to numerous standards: Eurocode 3 (EN-1993), DIN 15018, EN 13001, F.E.M. 1.001, FKM (5th and 6th editions), DVS 1608, and DVS 1612, DNV-OS-C101/C201. Register for the webinar to learn more about residual lifetime calculations and Fatigue checks with SDC Verifier.
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