Construction vessel sections buckling check

Detailed finite element model of the vessel with plate elements for the panels and beam elements for the stiffeners was built. Using SDC Verifier software all frames, decks and longitudinal panels of the vessel were recognized. Plate buckling check of each section according to Lloyds LAME rules was calculated with further reinforcement propositions. The total approval process time was very tight and with no room for discussions on results and updates later on.

First step in the full calculation process was therefor an agreement on the calculation approach, the applicable loads, which standards to follow and interpretation method of FEA results. With the notified body we enclosed all this in a the basic of calculation (BOC) document and an accompanying customized standard check in SDC Verifier. Some specific request from the notified body on modification of the standard formula’s were included and added to the calculation report. When the FEM model was finished and all loads applied, conformity according to the basic of calculation was just a few mouse click away. And it was no surprise that the approval of all the calculation results was done without any extra comments or questions. The final approval was even ahead of schedule

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