Mass Tuner

Mass Tuner 1.2 is a FREE tool for Femap!

Mass Tuner tool helps to update model mass quickly by changing material mass or density. Moreover, it displays current overall mass taking into account mass elements.


The main idea is that engineer sets material mass and the tool calculates required density immediately. The calculations are quite simple but it helps when they are done automatically. Additional information (material delta mass, overall new mass, and overall delta mass) shows a clear picture of mass changes.

It is also possible to do a reverse calculation: define density and get new mass.

Distribute Uniformly function allows adding additional mass to the model by distributing it uniformly. E.g. 6000 kg is distributed for 6 materials by 1000 kg:


The tool supports an import from Clipboard (Excel). Copy one column with Mass or Density data select one cell (where you would like to start) and press Button copylist or Ctrl+V:


Warning: Changes are not applied to Femap Model until Apply button is pressed.

Note: Tool connects to active model in Femap when starts. It does not refresh (reread) material data from Femap automatically (to avoid losing entered user data). In case material was edited in Femap press Button refresh.Use this button also in case if the model in Femap is changed and the tool should work with the current active model.

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