Materials Plot

Materials Plot is a FREE tool for Femap that displays colored materials plot using labels

Make sure that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is installed. The tool is tested on Femap v11 and higher.

Free tool for Femap Material Plot

Femap should be started before running Materials plot tool.

Materials plot tool works with an active model. It will automatically checks if active model is changed and updates a list of groups.

Update model option should be used only if user already did a plot on the model and later has updated the model (model is not read each time when Plot button is pressed for performance reason)

Update Model. Materials Plot

Selection – full model or group. If new group was added to the model press update button:

Update Selection

For Label the following options are available:

  • Ids
  • Titles
  • Ids and Titles;

Font Size – controls size of the labels. Minimum 8pt, maximum – 32pt;

Materials – a list of materials from the selection.

Press Plot to display material plot in Femap:

Free tool for Femap Material Plot

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