Thickness Plot

Thickness Plot 1.2 is a FREE tool for Femap!

Thickness Plot is created to display plate elements thicknesses for flat elements selections like frames, decks and longitudinals in Femap.

Requirements: If a portable version is used make sure that Framework 4.5 is installed (setup automatically installs framework if necessary). The tool supports Femap from version 10.3.

Why do we think it is handy? Because it displays a nice plot with properties thicknesses using text labels. The position of the label is calculated to be on top elements with same property:


It is possible to display property title and thickness:


The interface of the tool is very simple. The group with flat selection (like frame, deck or longitudinal) should be selected and type of data to plot:


By default Font Size is set to 8pt but it is possible to change it. Angle parameters should be used when build plot for curved selections like hull. By increasing its amount of labels will decrease:

Thickness plot4

The tool can be tested on our Demo model with 3 Frames. Zip archive contain model for version 11.2 and neutral file for version 10.3

Thickness Plot is a standalone tool, after installation, a shortcut appears on your desktop.

Thickness plot5

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