SDC Verifier 2021 R2 known issues

  • Eurocode3 Plate Buckling (EN 1993-1-5, 2006). Check ‘1..Plate Buckling’, parameter ‘Alpha_cr ‘. Incorrect zero result is displayed in case when only one of the directional stresses is zero; Fixed in 2022 R1;
  • Eurocode3 Bolts (EN 1993-1-8, 2005). Unit system is not taken into account that leads to scaled utilization factor; Fixed in 2022 R1;
  • AISC 360-10 Members (14th, 2010) and AISC ASD 89 (9th, 1989). Formulas of Second-Order Effect multiplier B1 is negative that leads to enormous results; Fixed in 2022 R1;
  • Results of Checks are not automatically cleared after modifying Classification; Fixed in 2022 R1;
  • Moment Shear Force tool modified nodes coordinates inside SDC Verifier when using origin offset option; Fixed in 2022 R1;
  • Different Classification plot colors and label values in the main window and report; Fixed in 2022 R1;
  • Views list is not stored to project file for Constraint item in Report Designer; Fixed in 2022 R1;
  • Nodal results (e.g., Displacement) are not calculated if the model is not up to date. Added message to update the model in 2022 R1;