SDC Verifier 2022 R1.0.1 known issues

  • AISC ASD 89 (9th, 1989). Check ’13.. Bending’, parameters ‘B1y’ and ‘B1z’ (second order effects) use Axial Force instead of Axial Stress in calculations; Fixed in 2022 R2;
  • Eurocode3 Members (EN1993-1-1, 2005):
    • Check ‘1.. Beam Characteristics’, parameter ‘Plastic Section Modulus Y_Tshape’ uses incorrect formula in case Tf <= A / 2B;
    • Check ‘1.. Beam Characteristics’, parameters ‘Plastic Section Modulus Y’ and ‘Plastic Section Modulus Z’ display swapped result for T and Rectangular Bar shapes; Fixed in 2022 R2;
  • ASME VIII (Div2, 2010). Characteristics ‘Surface conditions’ and ‘Quality level’ are swapped when editing the standard; Fixed in 2022 R2;
  • Result table values are exported to Excel in Model Unit System instead of Display Unit System; Fixed in 2022 R2;
  • Axial Force result in Summation Force tables takes 2x result; Fixed in 2022 R2;