What’s New in SDC Verifier 2020.0.1


  • Support of Simcenter 3D 2020.2;
  • Apply Wind Load in Ansys. Beam (except general shapes), plate and solid elements (beta) support;
Apply Wind Load in Ansys
  • Define only consistent unit systems for new Project (Ansys);
  • Weld Finder. Set Weld Part type commands: set to Welded/Non-Welded/Invert;
  • Weld Finder – filter weld parts by rule – welds with equal weld parts thicknesses;
  • Warning message if the wrong version of Wbex is installed in Workbench (Ansys);
SDC for Ansys wbex vesion warning
  • Warning when beam/sub members elements have a different orientation (important for Moment Ratio tool);
  • Automatic Highlight is turned off by default;
  • Limits for Utilization Factor parameters in F.E.M 1.001 standard added;

Fixed Bugs:

  • The wrong governing load was calculated for check (the value was correct);
  • Read Grid Point Forces for beam + plate elements models (Ansys);
  • Poor performance when creating a new Job with a lot of steps (Ansys);
  • Stiffeners on custom sections were not recognized;
  • Constraints were not taken into account in Joint Finder (Ansys);
  • Display Beam Member Diagram and Moment Ratio diagram failed to display for beams with orientation node (Ansys);
  • Elements with topology Pyramids were not treated as Solid Elements. (Femap);
  • Fixed face5 normal calculation for solid elements in Wind Load (Femap);
  • Automatic highlight issues on Beam Member Finder and Weld Finder;
  • Change job selection affected Solution in Mechanical and changed state to out of date (Ansys);
  • Issue when imported groups/named selections;
  • Update formula in parameter Torsion Uf Closed (AISC 2010) to remove warning for open shapes about division on zero;
  • Weld Finder apply throat thickness t / 2 to all selected weld parts display a warning message;
  • Reference point options were not copied in Buoyancy Load (Femap);
  • An issue with remove load with references for Job of Jobs;
  • In Peak Finder / Governing Loads results were not shown for Load Set Content option for the following categories: Line/Plate Element Forces, Grid Point Forces, Strain Energy;
  • Dummy stiffeners were not saved into the project;
  • Report Designer:
    • Duplicated plots/tables were added for categories;
    • Edit Governing Loads tool;
    • Copy to Loads command ignored Fatigue Groups;
    • Selected materials in the Materials table were ignored;
    • Constraint plot used a default view and not selected views;
    • Preface SDC Verifier version changed from 20 to 2020;
    • An issue with imported results from Job;
    • Model Setup commands depended on selected items in the report tree;
    • Project from the report was not saved if it has not been saved from the main window;
    • Disabled items were generated in the report;