What’s New in SDC Verifier 2020.0.2


  • Progress was added to a report designer;
  • Report Designer performance was improved;
  • Load Set Content in the report designer performance issue (count > 1000);
  • Warning message if wind selection contains elements outside the height range;
  • Highlight results in Optimization tool based on check parameters limits;
  • Read results performance for models with a huge amount of steps was improved (Ansys);
  • Update User Interface DPI Awareness when switching to embed mode for Femap 2020.2 or newer (Femap);

Bug fixes:

  • Stress conversion issue for plate elements with negative normal;
  • AISC360-10 Shear Check, rectangular built-up sections were not calculated;
  • AISC360-10 Torsional Check – warning for division on zero (open sections);
  • Wrong constraints nodes were read in the Joint Finder tool;
  • Fatigue Summation (Fatigue Group) results were not linked after project reopening;
  • Optimal Results were shown from the original model after restoring results from files in the optimization tool;
  • Failed to attach results for optimization tool when 2 or more optimization tools were calculated;
  • Check Calculation Details failed to display for checks with replacements;
  • Plate Buckling module required Beam Buckling Module to load the project;
  • Full Report Designer – Abs Stress Table was duplicated;
  • Report Designer. Import from other reports issue;
  • Edit Connection in Joint Check, selections controls was not accessible;
  • Elements without results (rigid, mass, etc.) in a classification plot were included (Femap);
  • Governing Loads / Peak Finder for Line Element Forces (beam moments/forces) were based on Max result and not Absolute Maximum;
  • Failed to calculate Governing Loads / Peak Finder for beams with mid-side node;
  • Break Page options in the report designer were not loaded correctly from project file;
  • Failed to apply Break Page from the context menu;
  • Failed to edit plate buckling plot when check selection didn’t include elements from plot selection;