What’s New in SDC Verifier 2020

  • New CAE versions supported: Ansys 2020 R2, Simcenter Femap 2020.2, Simcenter 3D 2020.1;
  • DVS 1608 (June 2010) and DVS 1612 (August 2014)
DVS 1608 (June 2010) and DVS 1612 (August 2014)
  • FKM – Analytical strength assessment (5th revised edition, 2003);
FKM - Analytical strength assessment (5th revised edition, 2003);
Optimization Tool
  • SDC Verifier API – automation of SDC Verifier commands;
SDC Verifier API
  • New Report Designer (watch demo)
    • Brand-new design;
    • Multi-selection;
    • Automatic sorting over loads/selections;
    • Ribbon;
Report Designer
  • Comparison Standard – use results from different standards (e.g. AISC and Eurocode3) to compare results;
Comparison Standard
  • Compare results from different types of checks – use weld, plate bucking, stiffener buckling types of checks in formulas of a custom check;
  • Related Stress Gradients Tool (used in FKM) – calculate coefficients to reduce stresses;
Related Stress Gradients Tool
  • Beam Member Diagram;
Beam Member Diagram
  • Infinity (division on 0) or NaN (not a number) is replaced with a huge number (3.40282347E+38). The warning is shown:
Infinity (division on 0)
Infinity (division on 0)
WARNING: In previous versions of SDC Verifier Infinity and NaN were replaced with 0 that could affect the results. Check your calculations on the division on zero carefully.
  • Calculate asymmetric shapes as a symmetric option in member checks – the minimum sizes of walls/flanges will be used to calculate cross-section properties;
  • Eurocode3 Fatigue – included size effect;
  • Nastran H-shape included in member checks (Femap, Simcenter);
  • Backup of SDC Results– keep old results when the project is not saved;
  • Store/Restore results for tools (Moment Ratio, Effective Width, Stress Gradient, Weld Summation);
  • Handle negative resistance in Joint checks (return UF = 12345678);
  • Resistance factors option in ISO Joint Check;
Resistance factors option in ISO Joint Check
  • Save Joint Check results to files;
  • Calculation details for property checks and in Component Extreme Table (the worst result on selected selection);
  • Governing Load can be shown for multiple selections;
Governing Load
  • Range criteria added in Peak Finder/Governing Load;
word image 12
  • Flow Buckling Table can be built over multiple sections;
  • Load Set content results in Governing Load / Peak Finder tools – show the proportion of result of all items (including factors):
  • Edit multiple Individual Loads (Femap, Simcenter) – replace fem load/constraint for the selected loads;
Edit multiple Individual Loads
  • Panel Finder Settings:
  • Dummy Stiffeners recognition option to split plates if stiffeners are not fully connected to the edges of a panel
word image 17
  • The minimum angle between flat sections;
  • Split plate on different property IDs;
  • Apply Wind approach (Femap):
  • Projected Area (cos (a));
  • Velocity Component (cos^2(a));
  • Normal to Face (cos (0));
  • Sort/Filter options in custom check table;
  • Selection List Conditions (the content of components, all properties/materials, recognition items on selection) – automatically updated when table on multiple selections is built; Content of Components in Component Extreme table:
Component Extreme table
  • Export Joint Check results to Femap;
  • Rename multiple items in collections (e.g. Jobs, Standards, Reports);
  • View options added (Femap):
  • Show Elements without Results;
  • Show Load Values;
  • Multiple views in the material item in the report;
  • Highlight all selected items in the tables (used to be only one selected);
  • Weld Finder:
  • Add multiple welds (by nodes);
  • Recognize welds on a custom selection (ignoring the settings and existing welds);
  • Updated weld rules in the selector:
  • Select Welds by Rule:
Select Welds by Rule
  • Select Welds by Type:
Select Welds by Type
  • Discard changes when editing number format, legend settings, unit system, multiple views;
  • Check if all dimensions are set for the weld strength calculations at the stage of creating the respective standard;
  • Create a separate plot object in Ansys (does not create in the report).


  • Eurocode3 member check:
  • Strong axis checking in calculations of kyy, kzz;
  • Classification calculation for rectangular shapes is calculated as for webs, not as for flanges;
  • Edit standard crashed program (after project reopening);
  • Line Element Force results reading if not all beams contain results (Ansys);
  • The poor performance of Plate Buckling check calculations for sections that include a huge amount of plates;
  • Combined shear moment for overlapping braces fixed in Joint Checks ISO. Norsok (use m1 +m2 instead of sqrt(m1^2+m2^2);
  • DNV 2010. Update formula Fx, Fy when value under sqrt is negative;
  • The job of Jobs always clear results when the Apply button is pressed;
  • Sum of Forces in report FEM Load is calculated on selection instead of the full model (Femap, Simcenter);
  • Preview plot from context menu used incorrect plot object from the tree;
  • Plot average corner results option in contour plot was not set (Femap, Simcenter);
  • Combine more than two welds in one-row error;
  • Failed to create SDC folder that includes Settings and Log files (permissions issue);
  • Import ‘.rst’ files without unit system defined – failure to read results (Ansys);
  • Paste spaces as factors in create/edit multiple load sets window;
  • Incorrect face selected for solids when applying Wind Load (Femap);