What’s New in SDC Verifier 2021 R1.1

  • Brace Classification tool – calculates brace types (K, TY, X) and total gap for braces from Connection Finder Tool.
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  • Brace Stress Tool:
    • Calculate stresses for rectangular hollow sections and I-beams;
    • Calculate axial and bending forces/stresses on chord elements from both sides of the brace connected to the chord;
  • Connection check – create custom calculations for connections using dimensions from Connection Finder Tool, forces/moments/stresses from Brace Stresses Tool, and brace Type (K, TY, X) from Brace Classification Tool:
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  • Beam Member Diagram for custom checks – display result distribution per sub/beam members from Beam Member Finder tool:
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  • Beam Member Diagram for Jobs – added possibility to pick result category (e.g. Stress, Displacement) instead of embedded Line Element Force result category;
  • Plate Buckling DNV 2010 – added option for user input of ‘Design Lateral Pressure’ parameter:
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  • Norsok N004, Rev3 – added option to calculate non-tubular shapes according to Eurocode3 (EN- EN1993-1-1, 2005) standard:
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  • Eurocode3 Bolts (EN 1993-1-8, 2005) – wizard is added:
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  • Rule Selector Control:
    • Select connections from Connection Finder Tool from the list or by components;
    • Select element/nodes by text condition:
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  • Shape Library:
    • Added new shapes from standards (DIN 1015: 1972, EU 79-69, EU 19-57, CSN 42 5541: 1977 etc.);
    • Filter shapes by Source;
    • Create selected shapes directly in Femap/Ansys Mechanical:
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  • Peak Finder – added options for plotting average value on zone;
  • Stress Gradient Tool – contour plot is added;
  • Load Selector – filter loads by text;


  • Eurocode 3 Member Standard (EN 1993-1-8):
    • Flange Class and consequently Cross Section Class calculations for rectangular tube cross section used too conservative approach;
    • Limit 3 for defining Web Class returned always 0;
  • FKM (6th, 2010):
    • “Stress Ratio” parameter in checks “3..Fatigue (constant amplitude stress spectrum)” and “4..Fatigue (variable amplitude stress spectrum)” was out of the range [-1; 1] for situations where minimum weld stress was higher in absolute value than maximum weld stress.
    • Equivalent degree of utilization_Non welded” parameter in “2..Static Stress Check” contained division on 0 for welded parts that resulted in a high utilization factor.
    • “Stress Ratio” parameter retuned infinity if SWeldMin = SWeldMax = 0;
  • DVS 1608 and 1612:
    • Division on 0 occurred in check “2..Steel Fatigue Check (DVS 1612)” if parameter “Kappa “ = 1;
    • “Stress Ratio” parameter in “3..Aluminum Fatigue Check (DVS 1608)” returned negative infinity if SWeldMax = 0;
  • Plate Buckling DNV 2010 in check ‘3..Stiffener Buckling Results’:
    • P0 is set to 0 if Psi >= -1.5;
    • formula of Qsd parameter is changed for Abs(Psd) < P0 to take the worst value between Psd+P0 and Psd-P0;
  • Incorrect linking of result files for some of the loads for SDC Verifier projects that contain more than 10 Jobs;
  • Mechanical crashed when reading results for beam elements if Beam Section result was turned on;
  • Failed to read strain results for all models (Ansys);
  • Failed to calculate Global Plate stresses for Load Groups;
  • Results were not cleared in Joint Check according to ISO 19902 (1st, 2007) after factors (Gamm R,q and Gamma R,j) had been changed in the settings;
  • Joint Finder – failed to recognize fixed joints for constraints in case constraint included same nodes;
  • Wind Load was not reapplied if it was not linked to any Individual Load (Femap);
  • Wind Load did not take into account modified drag coefficients when reapplying existing Wind Loads (Femap, Ansys);
  • Peak Finder – table was not added after Peak Finder had been edited;
  • Weld Finder:
    • Duplicated welds were recognized if “Keep all modified” or “Keep all existing” action was selected for existing welds;
    • Weld Tips elements were added to the weld elements in the Weld Finder tool after accessing Weld Stresses results for the first time;
    • Failed to recognize welds in Weld Finder tool on model contacts with shell elements that included mid-side nodes (Ansys);
  • Fatigue Group – number format crash appeared when modifying cycles but existing cycles contained spaces (e.g. ‘2 000 000’);
  • Incorrect selection of weld parts by angles in Rule Selector if the angle between normal vectors of weld parts was more than 90 degrees;
  • Analyzing not all loads that exist in the Job cleared results for all loads (Femap);
  • Failed to write results to files for custom checks for huge models;
  • Memory overflow in custom checks when estimating necessary RAM for results on a huge model (~800 000 elements) and ~50 parameters in the check;
  • Stress Gradient Tool – results shifted if the element did not fit the condition (e.g. beam/solid element was selected for Thickness condition, or element without a free edge was selected for Inward condition);
  • Results of checks were cleared if to rename Individual Load (Ansys);
  • Included saving of Principal Stress results for Individual Loads and Load Sets to the files (calculation performance for checks that use Principal Stresses was increased);
  • Plate Buckling Module – beam buckling module was required to load the project;
  • Incorrect expand table for Job was opened from the Components Extreme Table of the custom check;
  • Crash when opening help topics on the Check Table node;