What’s New in SDC Verifier 2021 R2.0.2

  • Wave Load and Wave Coefficients are included (Ansys);
  • Parameter to check if minimum gap is 51 mm is added to expand joint check table according to API RP 2A-LRFD (1st, 1993);

Bug Fixes:

  • Showing deformations when plotting results of Load Sets was removed (Ansys);
  • Results of related checks were not cleared automatically after classification was modified;
  • Fixed deformation time when plotting results with deformations in case when time does not correspond step number (Ansys);
  • Rainflow Counting Tool:
    • Options were not saved to project file;
    • Time History was not used when calculating results for the table;
  • Wind Load:
    • Wind was applied in opposite direction for beam elements (Ansys);
    • Fixed applying of wind to solid elements (Ansys);
    • Fixed applying wind to inclined to wind direction plate/solid elements when using projected area or velocity component option (Femap);
  • Auto SPC and Analysis Program options were not changed in Linear Static analysis settings window (Femap);
  • Flow Table:
    • Table was missed in the list of tables to be imported from the Job in Report Designer;
    • Loads from only first Job in the project were set after reopening Report Designer;
    • Not all points of interest were displayed;
  • Fixed importing of Legend Settings, Number Formats and Standards libraries from versions below 2021 R2;
  • Disabled possibility to change Model Unit System (Ansys);

What’s New in SDC Verifier 2021 R2.0.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed restoring governing loads results for Custom Checks from files for models with more than 100,000 elements;
  • Crash appeared when removing item in standard Types window;
  • Crash appeared when trying to map shapes for multiple properties;

What’s New in SDC Verifier 2021 R2

  • Support of Ansys 2021 R2. (Warning: corner stresses for beams are not read in SDC Verifier for this version of Ansys.)
  • Eurocode3 Plate Buckling (EN 1993-1-5, 2006) standard.
  • Eurocode3 Connections (EN 1993-1-8, 2005) for RHS connections standard.
  • Eurocode3 Fire Design (EN 1993-1-2, 2005) wizard.
word image
  • ASME B31.8-2018 standard. (Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems)
word image 1
  • Calculate Class 4 of cross section as Class 3 by reducing Yield Stress to pass the limit for Class 3 option is added to Eurocode3 Members (EN 1993-1-1, 2005) standard.
word image 2
  • Overall Check is added to AISC ASD 89 (9th, 1989) standard.
  • Rainflow Counting Tool – calculate cycles from stress ranges.
word image 3
  • Load History for Load Groups – create load history from included loads in Load Group.
  • Commands to copy SDC Verifier project files between systems in Ansys Workbench:
    • Duplicate – duplicate SDC Verifier system with all related project files and keep the link to the same Workbench Model;
    • Import File – pick SDC Verifier project file to copy from the file system manually;
    • Import From Same Model – select project files from the list to be imported to current SDC Verifier system from all systems that are connected to the same Workbench Model;
    • Import As Template – select project files from the list to be imported to current SDC Verifier system from all systems that are not connected to the current Workbench Model.
word image 4
  • Export results to Ansys command – select plots from the list of predefined plots in Jobs and Standards and create them in Ansys Mechanical without evaluating them:
word image 5
  • Import/Export project parts (Views, Components, Reports, Recognition Tools) to files to be used between SDC Verifier Projects:
word image 6
  • Import Shapes to the library from Excel templates:
word image 7
  • Flow Table for Weld Checks (Full Weld method):
word image 8
  • Select recognition items (Joints, Beam Members, etc.) by picking elements on a model or by text rule (by IDs of elements, properties, etc.) commands:
word image 9
  • Connection Check is included in Peak Finder and Governing Load tools.
  • New variables in Connection Check to get results from braces other than the calculated brace:
word image 10
  • Plot classification values (criteria plot) and labels (colored plot) options.
  • Display warnings on project opening (for example if recognition tools contain missing elements):
word image 11
  • Open project statistics by double-clicking Nodes/Elements info:
word image 12
  • Open location of the model in the file system by double-clicking Model Path info:
word image 13
  • “Read Each Body as Separate Property” option is added in Preferences (Ansys).
  • Export to Excel command in create/edit multiple Load Sets and Load Groups windows.
  • Recognition recovery for Connection Finder Tool.
  • Save/Load Fatigue Summation and Connection checks to library.
  • Report improvements:
    • Content of Fatigue Groups;
    • Wind/Wave Y and Z drag coefficients in one table;
    • Connection Check tables/plots;
    • Deflection Check tables/plots.
  • Export Joints from Joint Finder Tool as separate components.

Bug Fixes:

  • FKM (5th, 2003):
    • Incorrect brackets were used in “Mean stress factor_Type F2“ parameter of check “2..Fatigue Check”;
    • Values in Table 5.7.1 are updated not to use 12345678 number for non-existing factors as it provided a non-conservative results.
  • EN 13001 (2018):
    • Parameter “Damage root m” was removed from check “2..Fatigue (Direct Use of Stress History)”;
    • Added square root in Overall direction for parameter “Fatigue Damage” in checks “2..Fatigue (Direct Use of Stress History)” and “3..Fatigue (Simplified method)”.
  • Eurocode 3 Welds (EN 1993-1-8, 2005) – Minimum Yield/Tensile was not used from the Weld Finder Tool but was always taken from calculated element.
  • Failed to read centroid stresses from elements other than plates/solids (Simcenter).
  • Incorrect restoring of governing loads for Custom Checks from SDC Verifier result files when Custom Check was calculated on more than 100,000 elements.
  • Plotting with labels (for example, in Classification) crashed the program (Ansys).
  • Same result folder was used if to copy SDC Verifier project manually in file system that leaded to results overwriting.
  • Peak Finder:
    • Failed to calculate for checks that do not require load for calculations;
    • Display Load Set content percentage without negative values and scaled to get 100% in summary.
  • Save/Load standards from library fixes (classification type, parameter limit).
  • Fixed recognition of panels/plates in Panel Finder Tool on models where beam and plate borders met at the same time.
  • Highlight beam member on a model cleared labels (Simcenter).
  • Incorrect location of Normal Stresses Phase factor option in DVS 1608 and DVS 1612 wizard: moved from Steel Fatigue to Aluminum Fatigue block.
  • Incorrect conversion of cross-section properties (Area, Iyy, Izz, etc.) from units stored in Shape Library to units defined in Model Unit System.
  • Displayed unit system was used in report materials and properties instead of Model unit system.
  • Force and Pressure units could not be edited in Display Unit System.
  • Empty title displayed for contour plot in Mechanical (Ansys).