What’s New in SDC Verifier 2021 R1

Shape Library
fkm 6th 2012
aij 2005 2017
as 3990 1993
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  • Support of new CAE: Ansys 2021 R1, Simcenter Femap 2021.1;
  • FKM – Analytical stress assessment of components made of steel, cast iron and aluminum materials in mechanical engineering (6th edition, 2012) in beta;



  • Eurocode 3 (EN1993-1-1, 2005, Design of Steel Structures, clause 6.3 Buckling resistance of members): circular/rectangular bars and T shapes were included;
  • DVS 1612 (Design and endurance strength analysis of steel welded joints in rail-vehicle construction). Static stress check was included;
  • AIJ (2005 Edition, 2017). Design Standard for Steel Structures, based on Allowable Stress Concept.  Beam members (beta);



  • AS 3990 (1993). (Mechanical equipment—Steelwork, Section 5 Design of Beams)  Beam members (beta);



  • ASME 8 (Div2, 2010)  (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Alternative Rules) – user input for fatigue penalty factor was added;
  • Shapes Library:
    • Overview of shape properties, display selected shape with dimensions;
    • Filtering on shape type, height, width, area etc.;
    • Group shapes in custom lists and reuse them in Optimization Tool;
    • Store existing shapes from the FE model to Shape Library;
  • Principal Stress result category in tables/plots, usage of principal stresses in custom checks formulas was added:


  • Connection Finder tool – recognize beam-beam connection;
  • Brace Stresses tool – axial, in-plane, and out-of-plane bending stresses for braces recognized by  Connection Finder tool;
  • Usage of new Femap API methods was implemented to avoid obsolete API warning in Femap 2020 and above when reading results/plotting;
  • Reading of corner stresses for beams was added if Beam Section option is turned on (Ansys);
  • Reading of connections (contacts) information was added (Ansys);
  • Weld Finder updates:
    • Automatic recognition of welds on the edge/nodal connections (contacts) (Ansys, Femap);
    • Add solid weld manually to calculate weld strength;
    • Automatic origin offset for beam/plate weld parts using average thickness from neighbor weld parts;
    • Include weld tips elements when previewing/highlighting welds;
  • Optimization Tool. Apply optimal shape directly in the FE model (Femap, Ansys);
  • Display Load Set content (per Individual Load with factors) results from Expand Table;
  • Open Expand Table on necessary selection(s) directly from Components Extreme Table;
  • Show results over all points in Expand Flow Table and not only total. Extra options were added;
  • Report Improvements:
    • Custom report structure – items are not automatically sorted under load/selection chapters;
    • Connections (contacts) information was added (Femap, Ansys);
    • Replace standard for the set of result items;
    • Create Peak Finder Table directly in the report;
    • Load Set content (per Individual Load with factors) for Peak Finder Table and Governing Loads tool options included;
  • Automatically updatable default titles in all result items (e.g. tables/plots) were included;
  • Variables in check formulas to convert forces from/into necessary units were added;

Bug Fixes:

  • DVS 1612. The Sign of Y stress was not taken into account in Equivalent UF calculations. Allowable Fatigue Strength parameter for shear directions was updated to use minimum value between fatigue and static allowable fatigue strengths;
  • DNV RP-C-203 Fatigue (2016). Calculations were done for each Principal Stress instead of maximum Principal Stress;
  • Eurocode3 Members (EN1993-1-1, 2005). Swapped Y/Z shear resistance for I-shape (Ansys);
  • Effective Width Tool – Lateral Pressure used shear force in the plane of a plate. Updated to use shear force perpendicular to a plate;
  • DNV 2010 Stiffener Buckling check. Shear force (VSd parameter) was always 0;
  • EN 13001 (2018) – calculate combined damage (formula 41) as maximum from each orthogonal direction plus respective shears instead of summation of all directions;
  • Read combined stresses for beams instead of axial stress only (Ansys);
  • Contour plot for custom checks – swapped top/bottom results for shells (Ansys);
  • Convert stresses of weld tips elements into weld direction was missed;
  • View location and magnification were not stored to the project (Ansys);
  • Reading of results when the analysis was done on part of the model failed (Simcenter 3D);
  • Create sub-steps from Individual Loads with the same name in solution issue (Simcenter 3D);
  • Recognition recovery failed for joints (Ansys);
  • 2D joints were recognized as 3D joints for particular cases (Ansys);
  • Editing Expand/Extreme table in report fix;
  • Appendix item was removed after reapplying report structure;
  • Reading of Afm and Fem parts was fixed (Simcenter 3D);
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