What’s New in SDC Verifier 3.7.5

  • Network Floating License – fixed number of users can connect to the license server simultaneously.
  • Usage of licenses can be checked in a web browser (floating.sdcverifier.com/Company/Company Name):
news 375 1
  • If a license is not available, license status with the list of connected computers is visible in the right bottom corner. It is possible to see when license becomes available and connect.
news 375 2
  • Fatigue according to F.E.M 1.001 standard;
  • Joint Check:
    • List of connections that do not match conditions are recommended to be checked manually;
    • Set load transfer and can length manually for connections that include can;
  • Memory Management is improved;
  • In Plate Buckling option Use Absolute Shear added (conservative approach);
  • Updated stress transformation for 4-nodes, not rectangular plates (Diagonal Bisector);
news 375 3
  • Update plotting function to support Femap 11.2;
  • Layout of Flow tables and plate buckling tables is updated to fit on page in report;
  • Unit system is removed form Buoyancy and Tank Load;

Fixed Bugs

  • Joint Check: Gap calculations, Connections and Can recognition;
  • Sending License request (added alternate method to send request);
  • Resolve Conflicts – Fem Loads and Constraints was added in the wrong plate (always in the end).
  • Sum of Forces tables was skipped in report;
  • Update sections in plate buckling tables when sections are removed;
  • Edit multiple plots in report wizard.