What’s New in SDC Verifier 3.8

  • Fatigue check according to Eurocode 3:
38 1
  • Calculation Core is completely updated to improve memory management. A lot of data is calculated dynamically and it allows to use less memory (plates 44%, and solids – 36%);
  • New Checks with high performance and low memory usage: Property Check and Custom Check (no load):
38 2
  • Tank and Buoyancy Loads are updated: performance, interface, and possibility to define faces pressure are applied:
38 3
  • ANSI/AISC 360-10 – standard performance and memory usage is improved (new check types are used);
  • API RP-2A unit system is added (Pa, MPa, psi, ksi);
  • Panel Finder – plate width > length limitation is removed. Join Plates features are added. When research is run it is possible to keep user plates (joined plates or plates with updated parameters);
  • Joint check: maximum chord curvature angle option, calculate all braces as TY option;
  • Thickness Plot – displays plate thickness using a label. The tool automatically groups elements with same property:
38 4
  • Characteristic Plot in report with selection and labels;
  • Move option in classification;
  • New type of characteristics – load characteristic;
  • Fatigue Groups – set of Load Groups with defined number of cycles. Used to calculate fatigue according to Eurocode3′
  • Fatigue Summation Check – custom check with possibility to calculate summation of fatigue damage;
  • Improved switching between Embed and Standalone Mode – now;
  • Select sections in expand plate buckling table;
  • Interface and selection logic I Multiple Load Selector is updated;
38 5
  • Summation over nodes in Expand Flow Table for Load Groups updated: now results are summed for Individual Loads/Load Sets and then Absolute Maximum is calculated. Load Group displays absolute maximum force among its items;
  • Message Window in report designer;

Fixing Bugs

  • Read Solid Stresses for selection (part of the model);
  • Yield and Tensile stress were cleared if materials are renamed;
  • Message “Deformation Vector does not exist” after plotting;
  • Failed to read line elements force results when Warping Torque is missing (Ansys solver was used to analyze the model);
  • Run Analysis in Femap 11.2;
  • Issue with floating license when open project by clicking on project file;
  • Warning about slenderness = 0 if more than 1 property is used in beam member;
  • Copy to clipboard using shortcut in Multiple Edit Load Sets/Load Groups;
  • Break option 1D Joint was not stored to project file;
  • Remove non-existing sections in plate buckling tables;
  • Edit multiple joints – set 1D and Free type was not possible;
  • Sending license request and errors;
  • After editing constant it was not displayed in report;
  • Clear Output Sets in Individual Loads when using Update function;
  • Turn off property Ids when display criteria/contour plot;
  • Consume a lot of memory for results when high ID numbers are used (e.g 9 000 000).