What’s New in SDC Verifier 4.0

  • Support of Femap v11.3;
  • Parallel calculations for Load Sets and Load Groups;
  • Selection and Load Sorting Containers for checks in report designer;
  • Copy structure from one load to multiple loads in report designer;
  • Resolved issue with swapped moments when Ansys solver is used (AISC 360-10).
  • Buckling of stiffened plates according to DNV-RP-C201 2010 chapter 7;
  • Strength and stability of tubular members according to ISO 19902 (first edition, December 2007);
  • Strength and stability of tubular members according to Norsok N004 (rev.3, February 2013);
40 1
  • Stiffened Panel Finder – recognizes automatically sections, panels, plates, stiffeners and girders and their dimensions. This tool is an advanced version of Panel Finder;
  • Joint Check according to ISO 19902:
40 2
  • Weld Stresses and Global Plate Stresses- automatic conversion of results. All tables/plots for stresses can be created for weld and global plate stresses categories:
40 3
  • Moment Ratio tool – calculates ratio of moments on the end of beam members. It is used to calculate reduction factors in the following standards: API RP 2A, ISO 19902 and Norsok N004
  • Effective Width Tool – calculate plate effective width for every load situation. Effective width is used in stiffener buckling check according to DNV-RP-C201 2010:
  • Unit System – is used for conversion units in calculations for the following standards: API RP 2A, DIN15018, FEM 1.001, Eurocode3, Norsok N004 and ISO 19902:
40 4
  • Stiffener Buckling Check – special check to perform calculations and present results for stiffeners. Additional variables can be used in formulas: stiffener dimensions, stiffener related plates dimensions, stiffener results and related plates results converted into stiffener direction;
  • Beam Member Finders have fixed structure – 3 items are created automatically: length y, length z and length torsional. Data from beam member finders can be used directly in checks, import to characteristics is not required anymore:
40 5
  • Thickness Plot tool – interface is updated: selection can be defined directly from Panel Finder or Groups, font size option is added, it is possible to plot 4 types of labels (thickness, id, id and title, id title and thickness). In addition thickness plots can be added into report:
40 6
  • Multinodal Force – it is possible to create few loads at once. E. g. two loads with 4 nodes each:
40 7
  • Panel Finder – the following features were added: Add/Edit Plate, Combine Plates, Edit Plate thickness, Import/Export
  • Classification is simplified – classification over points is removed. Plots for classification are improved with colored labels:
40 8
  • In Selector 4 new rules were implemented: all welds, all welds intersections, all welds without intersections and previous (last selected items in Femap):
40 9
  • Single Weld Finder tool in project – it’s not possible to add few. The tool is used for conversion stresses into weld direction. Update Element direction button is removed because fatigue standards use converted stresses in the formulas:
40 10
  • Settings are split on 2 sections Legend Settings and Number Formats:
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40 12
40 13
40 14
40 15
40 16
40 17
  • Plate Buckling (no load) check – same as plate buckling check but not required load for calculations.
  • Report Improvements:
    • It is possible to set fixed window size for Femap Graphic window. Option can be set in Preferences or from Report Designer toolbar:
    • It is possible to define custom border color:
    • Material Table item – all Materials in one table:
    • Mass Properties item – all mass properties in one table
    • Beam Member Finder Plots on selection with possibility to change view:
    • Beam Member Finder Tables:
  • Import possibilities for all libraries: standards, wind profiles, customers and engineers and category settings. It is possible to get library file from colleague and import desired items into your library file;
  • Global Constants in preferences for Gravity and Density. They are used as default values for tank and buoyancy loads:
40 18
  • New option in Export Results to Femap -Export results by type: checks per load (all check results for separate load as separate output set) or loads per check (all results for loads for separate check as output set)
  • Warning if yield stress is equal or higher than tensile strength when edit materials;

Fixed Bugs

  • Clear Plate Buckling Results only when changes in Panel Finder were done;
  • Don’t switch model in Femap when backup is performed;
  • Step property in Moment Shear tool was not read;
  • Qa reduction factor was calculated for non-slender elements for I and C shapes in AISC standard. It is set to 1 for non-slender elements;
  • Black background for logo with transparent background in report for *.png files;
  • Property Check failed to save to standard library;
  • Units for tank load in report are removed;
  • Replacement option was stored to standard library;
  • Modes table failed to open when loads does not contain results;
  • Draw axis for shapes;
  • Export Tool – export nodal results failed;
  • LG parameter in check expand table was set to minimum when press cancel.