What’s New in SDC Verifier 4.6.1

New Features:

  • Governing Loads for Plate Buckling Checks:
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  • Memory management algorithm is improved;
  • Expand Flow Table for Joint Check is added. Results on Load Group;
  • Extra Backup options: daily and hourly backups:
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  • Elements that are not checked against standards are shown in report:
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  • Safety factors overview in report under standard (only when Sf is used in formulas):
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  • Option in preferences: Read stresses from corners or Top and Bottom values:
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  • Sort / Copy features for tables/plots in report under checks are improved.

Bug fixes:

  • Loading time is decreased for Beam Member Finder;
  • Editing Joint issue where one element belongs to 2 joints;
  • Multinodal forces issues with titles;
  • Clear check results crash issue;
  • Cross section dimensions are cut;
  • Failed to read results from files if model was changed;
  • Failed to calculate Midplane stresses when rigid elements present in model;
  • Data conversion and limits were not stored for fatigue plots;
  • Weld Finder selection was not taken into account for weld tips recognition;
  • Selection for Eurocode3 standard always was set to All, user selection was ignored;
  • Results for variables Sweld.X, Sweld.Y, …, Sweld.eqv always was taken from X direction;
  • When member break options was changed it was not set as modified;
  • Unable to run analysis when model contains plot only elements;