What’s New in SDC Verifier 4.6


  • Recognition of joints and beam members is improved significantly. (slow opening of beam member finder form issue is resolved)
  • Check calculation for the huge amount of load cases is improved.
  • Support of Autodesk NEi Nastran Solver – an update reading results for bar/beam elements:
46 1
  • Eurocode3:
    • An option which method for Lateral Torsional Buckling to use:
      46 2

    • The C1 coefficient is calculated according to the Designers’ guide to Eurocode3: Design of steel buildings 2nd edition:
      46 3

  • Joint Check improvements:
    • Recognition of 2D and 3D plate joints:
      46 4

    • New colored plot with legend out of labels:
      46 5

    • Arrows with beam element axes for joints:
      46 6

  • Beam Member Finder:
    • Set Effective Length Factor K = 0.01 for the members that are fixed by plates (in the recognition direction):
      46 7

    • Updated plot for the selected members, rest model is shown in gray color:
      46 8

    • Break members using Plate 2D and 3D joints:
      46 9

    • Unit System: Meter/Ton/Second, Millimeter/Ton/Second and Millimeter/Kg/Millisecond systems are added. The custom unit system can use grams, centimeters, and decimeters:
      46 10

    • Classification: adding multiple conditions (over directions) at once:
      46 11

    • Settings (Legend, Number format, Unit System) can be set as default and stored to file. When a new project is created default settings are loaded from the file:
      46 12

  • Project Analyzer: a report generation is added
  • Classification: adding multiple conditions (over directions) at once:
    46 13

  • Custom Checks: New predefined formulas ShapeT and ShapeL:
    46 14

  • Presentation Designer: new sorting options, add multiple plots/table.
  • Load Group – a single form to create and edit multiple load groups:
    46 15

  • Plots: preview with current view, current view and selection (active view settings and visible elements are used for plot).
    46 16