What’s New in SDC Verifier 5.0

New Features:

  • Support for Ansys v18.2 and v19;
  • Support for Simcenter v12;
  • DNV OS C101/C201 (welded connections) is implemented;
  • Improvements for AISC360-10: bending and combined checks are added for Channels, torsional check implemented, calculate Cb based on moment diagram or use manual input, take into account second order effect (B1 values, Appendix 8);
  • Weld Finder – automatic recognition of weld length, welded/nonwelded parts, user input for weld characteristics (type, throat thickness, angle, etc.). Elements that are connected to weld with one node are added to weld;
  • Weld Summation Tool – the sum of forces and moments over welds;
  • Moment Ratio Tool – calculation of Cb factor according to AISC360-10;
  • Panel Finder – automatic recognition of all section types (including custom), length/width filter over plates;
  • Display governing loads in plate buckling tables for buckling factor;
PlateBuckling Governing
  • Plate Inspector tool for Plate Buckling Check – displays detailed (elemental) results for selected plates;
  • Report Layout templates – configuration of first page layout, header and footers, margins and fonts, user-defined fields;
  • Performance of governing Loads and Peak Finder tools are improved significantly;
  • Tables improvements: change load, table type (extreme/expand), category on table form;
  • Option to configure table borders and turn on/off min/max highlight;
Tables Borders
  • Option min/max/abs available for all extreme tables;
  • Force Summation Tables over loads and over selections;
Table Summations
  • Warping and torsional constants are calculated by SDC for AISC360 and Eurocode3 standards (not read from CAE program);
  • Option in Job: read stress/strain results corner or centroid results (for Femap and Simcenter);
  • Apply selection to few selected checks in standards;
  • Colored material plot with labels;
  • Colored plot of plate thicknesses;
  • Export results tool – export by loads, export by checks, include point results;
  • New rule for selector – stiffener: find beams attached with 2 nodes to plate edge;
  • Add multiple views for property plots in the report;
  • By default results are stored in SDC scratch folder (before were stored in the project folder);
  • License Manager – proxy settings on license manager form, select CAE program in license request;

Bug fixes:

  • Issue with joint recognition on a model with rods elements;
  • Proxy credentials were not stored to setting file;
  • Results for governing loads were cleared after table closed;
  • Issue with joint recognition with plates connected under 45 degrees;
  • All solid elements in coincident nodes tool were treated as coincident;
  • Wrong plate is shown on preview in plate buckling table;
  • Empty list for table style in the report;
  • View was not applied in the report for classification plots;
  • User modified buckling plates were not stored as user-defined in project file;
  • Copy and paste issue in panel finder;
  • Panel Finder stuck from the context menu;
  • Issues with memory management for load sets;