What’s New in SDC Verifier 5.1.1


  • Now working with  Ansys 19.2 and Femap 12
  • Fatigue design of offshore steel structures, DNV-RP-C203 2016 (beta);
  • Wave – wave load applying algorithm is improved to handle different mesh sizes; Import/Export wave settings to file; total force/moment calculated along wave direction; fixed wave periodicity (Femap);
  • Overall mass for properties and materials overview;
sdc verifier properties summary
  • Add beam members by selection to components extreme table;
sdc verifier update selection
  • Multiselect of nodes in Edit Member (in all directions);
sdc verifier multiselect
  • In new project wizard Job of jobs is added if project contains 2 or more analysis;


Bug fixes:

  • AISC360-10: kv factor calculation is updated for a minor axis;
  • Eurocode3: torsional check UF calculation is updated;
  • Weld Finder and Panel Finder: recognition issue due to midside nodes;
  • Reading results of Line Element forces and GP Forces for models with beam and plates elements (Ansys);
  • Save/load project file on the network share;
  • Sub-steps are automatically imported as individual loads (Ansys);
  • Import results – copy/paste added, range calculation is updated;
  • Contour plot is replaced with criteria plot in v19 and v19.1 (Ansys);
  • New project wizard – results are not imported if user click Finish on the first step (Ansys):
  • Preview method is updated – real shapes for beams are shown (Ansys);
  • Issues with user title for tables/plots;
  • Import view settings – the legend position (Femap, v12);
  • View autoscale issue;
  • Dimensions for cross sections were cut and not rounded;
  • Fatigue checks were recalculated due to the wrong check if the characteristic is up to date;
  • Contour plots are shown always with deformation, for vectors with Id < 4 (Femap);
  • Fem Load in the report: loads magnitudes on inactive steps are skipped;